NorthStar Moving Company, the leading eco-luxury mover in California, is offering Southern California residents affected by the Woolsey fire three free months of storage. The company wants to help those that have had their homes impacted by fire or smoke damage and are in need of a safe place to store their belongings.

NorthStar Moving has been serving clients and the community in the region for over 24 years and wants to use their close proximity and experience to help those affected by the fires. For residents that need a secure location to store their valuables at no charge, NorthStar Moving is opening their doors to help their neighbors.

“As long time residents of Southern California, our hearts break watching families return to their homes damaged by the fire,” said NorthStar Moving Co-Founder Laura McHolm. “We know Californians are resilient, we will rebuild. To assist in this effort we would like to offer folks moving with us, out of their fire damaged homes, three free months of full-service storage giving them a chance to rebuild their homes.”

If your home has endured fire or smoke damage due to the Woolsey fire and you are in need of storage, NorthStar Moving wants to help. Please call: (800) 275-7767

For more information please visit and or call (818) 727-0194

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