Just in time for the holiday shopping season, one of the Promenade’s biggest retailers is coming back.

The Apple Store in the Promenade will return November 17 at 10 a.m. after it closed September 16 for renovations. The design update will bring the store in line with the tech giant’s Today at Apple strategy, a series of regularly programmed educational and cultural events.

To promote the reopening, Apple has listed events such as a series of live art demonstrations and photo walks.

Apple couldn’t be reached for comment at the time of publication, but it’s speculated that the Santa Monica remodel will take after the Palo Alto Apple Store location redesign. That store’s redesign included the additions of a glass roof, tile flooring, stone walls, indoor trees and a large video wall.

Andrea Korb, economic development manager with Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. said the reopening is much welcomed as Apple’s absence has negatively affected the Promenade’s foot traffic.

Apple’s void was part of an 11.2% reduction in daily Promenade visitors, dropping from 37,791 visitors to 33,555.

“While other factors could certainly be in play, it does seem likely that that the Apple closure contributed to this drop,” Korb said.

iPhone’s and various other Apple products typically cause long lines at the Promenade, but Korb and DTSM officials say they don’t expect much for the reopening. At time of press, Apple hadn’t communicated any plans of making the reopening a large event.

While the reopening may not be a huge affair, Korb says the store’s impact on the Promenade is.

“The Apple Store is a significant economic contributor to the Third Street Promenade, Downtown, and Santa Monica as a whole. It is a draw for visitors and locals, giving people another reason to visit the downtown.”


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