More than 50 apartment units in two new buildings could be coming to Mid-City Santa Monica.

The Architectural Review Board will decide whether to approve plans for a two-story, four-unit multi-family building and a three-story building containing 50 apartments and retail and restaurant space. The proposed developments would be located just a few blocks from each other, at 3004 Broadway and 2822 Santa Monica Boulevard, respectively.

The board is also considering a major renovation to a vacant commercial building further west. Developers plan to add a story to the one-story building at 1501 Broadway and split it into a 6,029 square foot creative office and a 651 square foot retail and restaurant space.

The upper levels of the 2822 Santa Monica Boulevard building would sit on columns that would surround the structure’s ground floor commercial space and outdoor seating areas. Mockups show the façade of the top two floors would alternate between gray, striated metal and orange and green recessed balconies with perforated fences.

“The project design expresses a clear concept with an innovative design and use of materials resulting in a strong contemporary mixed-use development,” the ARB report said.

The apartment building will offer six studios, 24 one bedrooms, 12 two bedrooms, and eight three bedrooms at market rates, as well as two affordable one bedrooms and two affordable two bedrooms.

The exterior of smaller townhouse-style building at 3004 Broadway would alternate between light beige and gray, with plenty of tall windows and metal balconies. Three of its apartments would be two-bedroom units, with the last being four-bedroom, and all would be two stories.

Another proposal up for consideration at the meeting would transform a one-story building at 1501 Broadway with a facade of concrete blocks into a two-story, heavily windowed building with second-floor balconies and ground-level restaurant space. It would increase the building’s size by more than 1,000 square feet.

Finally, the ARB will consider an application to update two adjoining apartments at at 1433-37 Euclid Street. The buildings contain a total of 11 units and have not been renovated since they were built in 1962.

“Both buildings will be remodeled to achieve an updated appearance, a friendlier street presence and more usable space between the two buildings,” the ARB report said. “The site will be enhanced by a new material and color palette, new openings on the street-facing façades, relocation of existing windows (and) doors, incidental site improvements and new landscaping.”

The Architectural Review Board will meet Monday, Nov. 5 at Santa Monica City Hall in the City Council Chambers.

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