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Former Mayor Michael Feinstein’s argument against Measure TL—the citizens’ initiative for City Council Term Limits—asks voters to imagine what might happen in a hypothetical scenario.

We do not need to imagine what might happen if a progressive City like Santa Monica adopts Term Limits—we just need to look at ourselves and our neighbors.

Since Santa Monica adopted Rent Control forty years ago, we have had Term Limits for Rent Board members. City Council has expanded term limits to our Boards and Commissions. Expanding this policy adopted by voters in 1979 and first promoted by Rent Control proponents is the next logical step.

In neighboring cities like Los Angeles and West Hollywood that have adopted Term Limits, underrepresented groups have gotten a greater seat at the table. Los Angeles’s City Council now has four Latinos, three African Americans and two gay men, while the number of women on West Hollywood’s City Council has doubled since they adopted Term Limits.

Opponents of City Council Term Limits, like former Mayor Feinstein, are trying to scare you, but progressive cities across California have adopted term limits for their city councils and continue to be models for hope and creativity in local government.

Opponents of Measure TL are trying to hold on to their power, but their power comes from the people, and we have an opportunity to take it back.

If you believe that we the people should be empowered to choose a new generation of leaders, vote Yes on Measure TL.

Opponents of Measure TL don’t believe in us, the voters of Santa Monica will exercise our wisdom and judgement. They do not believe that among us are people capable and ready to serve on the City Council on day one.

If you have confidence in the people of Santa Monica, vote Yes on Measure TL.

If you share our love for Santa Monica, our hope for its future and our confidence you its people, vote Yes on Measure TL.

If you were one of the thousands who signed the petition to put Term Limits on the ballot, remember, you still need to vote Yes on Measure TL on November 6th.

We urge you to vote Yes on Measure TL to empower a new generation of leadership for Santa Monica.

Mary Marlow

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