A father and his son carry pumpkins from the Farmers Market.

Customers at the Oct. 31 Santa Monica Farmers Market will be able to take home as many pumpkins as they can carry for $5.

Participants must pick up the pumpkins without any help and carry them down a 25-foot walkway without dropping them. The market encourages customers to wear costumes and beat the standing record of nine pumpkins.

“It’s really fun to watch people’s creative spirit in terms of how they structure their balancing act,” said market coordinator Jodi Low.

The market buys the pumpkins for the annual event from Murray Family Farms in Bakersfield, Low said. The event typically draws a variety of participants, including companies who use it as a team-building exercise and local schoolchildren.

“What better deal can you get on pumpkins? Grocery store pumpkins are expensive,” said Low. “Since it’s on Halloween, you can take them home and carve them that night.”

The All You Can Carry Pumpkin Patch will start at 8 a.m. on Halloween Day and last until the pumpkins run out. Costumes are encouraged (but not required) and there’s a one-entry limit per person.

The market is located at Arizona Avenue and 2nd Street.


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