As a past Rent Board Commissioner, Planning Commissioner and past president of the Santa Monica Democratic Club I say, Prop 10 is a disaster for tenants and property owners in Santa Monica: it is poorly written, bad for homeowners and condo owners and taxpayers, and will cost millions to enforce statewide according to State Legislative Analyst Office.

Gavin Newsom, our next governor does not support prop 10. John Chang, Villaragoso, the State Legislature, the NAACP and the building trades unions are all opposed.

You will be giving the rent board authority to control your house or condo.

If you rent your condo and then want to return, you will have to pay $22-35,000 relocation fee to the resident to move back, as happened to Cyrus and his Torca unit.

In Santa Monica, more apartments will be lost to Ellis, held off market, airbnb’d and demolished for condos.

It will not lower rents on existing tenants, only make finding a new apt harder.

Improvements, repairs and earthquake preparedness work will be canceled or delayed.

Buildings and apartments with low/moderate rents will suffer from neglect.

Vacant low rent apartments will be held off market.

There will be more building removals from rent control due to lack of “fair return”.

Reduced property values mean less property tax to pay for the school bonds.

Prop 10 will justify a “financial means test” to recalculate rents on existing tenants.

Could lead to the repeal of the prohibition on condo conversions.

There will be higher Rent Board expenses and higher monthly registration fees to tenants.

If the original roommate moves out, the remaining roommates will likely have to leave too.

Prop 10 may lead to the “taking” issue going to the supreme court which could outlaw rent control.

New affordable housing and increased rent subsidies, are the answer.

Our next governor Newsom does not support prop 10. Chang, Villaragoso, the State Legislature, the NAACP and building trades union are all against to Prop 10. Vote No on 10!

Jay Johnson

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