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A longtime teacher has been placed on non-disciplinary leave after recounting memories of a young Stephen Miller who went on to become an advisor to Donald Trump.

Nikki Fiske, a 30-year teacher at Franklin Elementary, was placed on “home assignment” after her story appeared in the Hollywood Reporter. The piece was published on Oct. 10 and is attributed to Fiske “as told by Benjamin Svetkey.” Svetkey is a writer and editor at the publication.

In the story, Fiske said she had a lot of concerns about Miller but her feedback to his parents was so shocking, the principal at the time redacted her comments from his school records. She said he was an isolated loner who kept a disorganized desk and ate dried glue.

District Spokeswoman Gail Pinsker confirmed Fiske was pulled from the classroom.

“The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District is looking into this matter and has placed Nikki Fiske on home assignment pending the completion of the review,” she said.

She said the paid leave allows district officials time to “thoughtfully review the matter” and see if there were any violations of district policies or professional standards.

“We are currently reviewing the matter to determine if information released may not comply with applicable laws and policies,” said Pinsker.

“She will be on home assignment as we conduct this review and we do not have an idea of when it will be complete at this time.”

Miller has gained notoriety as the architect of Trump’s immigration policies, including separating families at the border. Before his political rise, he was a Santa Monica resident who attended local schools.

Locally he earned a reputation for opposing the liberal values often associated with Santa Monica. His political activity shifted into high gear at Santa Monica High School including written work, call-ins to conservative talk radio and public disputes with administrators.

His activity increased through his time at Duke University and he eventually worked for Representative Michelle Bachmann and Senator Jeff Sessions before joining the Trump administration.

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