Barry A. Snell

Name: Barry A. Snell

Age: 63

Occupation: Certified Public Accountant

Neighborhood of residence: Pico Neighborhood

Own/Rent: Rent

Marital status: Married

Kids: 5

Political affiliation: Democrat

Schooling: Morehouse College and Golden Gate University

Highest degree attained: Master of Science in Taxation

Hobbies: Volleyball, bike riding and playing golf


What Santa Monica organizations or institutions are you involved with outside of SMC?

I am a board member of Downtown Santa Monica and on the finance committee for the Santa Monica Education Foundation.

What SMC classes have you taken? What was your grade?

I have taken three golf classes at SMC and have gotten a passing grade in each class.

What classes are essential offerings to prepare students for the modern job market?

I believe there are many classes that are essential to prepare students for the modern job market. However the following four (4) classes; (1) ACCTG 1 Introduction to Financial Accounting, (2) Bus 27 Intro to E- Commerce, (3) Bus 32 Business Communications and (4) Cis 70 Social Media Applications are needed to prepare students for the modern job market.

How many arts events (plays, concerts, art shows) featuring SMC students have you attended in the past two years?

I have attended approximately 8 art events in the past two years featuring SMC students.

What more can be done to bring students to campus without the use of a car?

We can continue to advocate in Sacramento for allowing students to ride the metro train (any line/anywhere) for a student rate. We need to begin discussion with our other public entities the possibility of student housing. This would help with the reduction in the use of cars and support our student homelessness issues that are on a rise.

Is the SMC Board more accountable to students (wherever they might live) or residents (regardless of their SMC affiliation)?

Understanding the concerns and needs of the community that the college resides in is one of the most difficult parts of school governance. The Board of Trustees are elected representatives of the residents of Santa Monica and Malibu who provide appropriate high-level guidance and leadership to ensure the College acts to meet the communities’ needs.

The primary role of the Board of Trustees, as it pertains to its students, is to provide a safe environment and a quality education.

So I believe that we are accountable to both equally.

Is the campus a never-ending construction project or can you foresee an end to expansion?

The campus will always need some type of upgrades and construction to state of the art buildings. However I don’t see the College expanding and as on-line learning expands it may reduce the need to add building projects.

How much time and energy should be put into continuing adult education vs. undergrad?

Equal time and energy should be put into continuing adult education vs. undergrad. The new funding formula however is somewhat tied to completion which means that we will have to develop programs that focus on undergraduates not only transferring but also getting the required courses for completing their college career.

Does the future of college education still focus on the campus experience or will education become more virtual?

The future of college education will still be focus on the campus experience even though the State has allocated $150 million to on-line learning in its most recent budget.

What qualifies you to lead a major educational institution like SMC and how will/do you contribute to the board?

I have been involved in education policy in Santa Monica for over 16 years. I have served on the SMMUSD school board, been part of bond initiatives, and have advocated at the State level for issues relating to SMC. I am involved in the community as a board member to Downtown Santa Monica regarding issues of housing, traffic and safety. I am a CPA and have worked in various capacities on education finance and budgets. My commitment and expertise in these areas I believe will be an asset to SMC should I am re-elected to the Trustee Board. Living in the Pico neighborhood I am always concern how decisions made at the College affect my neighborhood as well as other neighborhoods in the Cities of Santa Monica and Malibu.

Why is SMC and therefore this election relevant to residents who have not attended SMC?

SMC and this election are relevant to the residents who have not attended because the Trustee board will be making decisions as to development of our Campus. We have various campuses around the city of Santa Monica and are building a campus in Malibu.

Although the residents have never attended SMC, their children, relative or friend probably has and they should be concern that the College is meeting these individual’s needs.

Residents need to be confident that the Trustees they voted for are listening to their concerns and ideas.

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