A lean school board agenda this week holds policy revisions to protect immigrant students, approving District Advisory Committee charges, and more.

At the upcoming Thursday, October 4 Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District meeting in Malibu, immigrant students on campus will be made to feel safer due to a slew of revisions slated to be approved.

Revisions are being made to reflect law AB 699, a law the Immigrant Legal Resource Center describes as requiring “all local educational agencies in California to implement additional protections to ensure that all students, regardless of immigration status or country of birth, have the opportunity to pursue their education without undue fear or risk.”

The SMMUSD policies that will be updated to reflect this law will be: Nondiscrimination in Programs and Activities, Non Discrimination/Harassment, Admission, District Residency, Student Records, and Response to Immigration Enforcement.

Most of the policy updates protect student privacy, not disclosing any student information unless a court order or judicial subpoena are given. Additionally, discriminating against students in anyway due to their citizenship status will be prohibited, specifically compiling helping to compile a registry based on immigration status or religion.

In addition to this revision, the school board will be tasked with approving District Advisory Committee (DAC) goals for the year.

Early Learning, Health & Safety, Special Education and Visual and Performing Arts DACs all set out benchmarks for the year, ranging from providing better equitable preschool opportunities for all Santa Monica residents to helping screen and treat anxiety and depression in children. The board will provide DACs with feedback on their goals.

Other items rounding out this week’s school board meeting include a public hearing relating to deducing if there are sufficient school materials for students and continuing construction within schools.



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