Patrick Acosta is running for the SMC Board

Name: Patrick James Acosta II

Age: 25

Occupation: City of Santa Monica Public Works Employee

Neighborhood of residence: Pico Neighborhood

Own or rent: Rent

Marital status/kids: Engaged/Expecting First Child

Party affiliation: Democrat

School history (High School, college/university with degree attained): Santa Monica High School (2011), Santa Monica College – Associates Degree in Public Policy and Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, UCLA – Bachelor’s Degree in History and Minor in Urban & Regional Studies

What Santa Monica organizations or institutions are you involved with outside SMC?

I am involved with the City of Santa Monica, attend various neighborhood meetings, as well as SMC Board of Trustee Meetings. I am also a volunteer for the various City events hosted throughout the year. As well as a volunteer coach with Samohi Soccer program in the recent past.

What SMC classes have you taken? What was your grade?

I have taken a total of 47 SMC classes. I was an A/B Student that made the Dean’s Honor List several times, and was a student-athlete for the SMC Men’s Soccer Team for 3 years. I also co-founded the SMC Soccer Club. I received 2 Associate Degrees while at SMC.

What classes are essential offerings to prepare students for the modern job market?

I believe that there are many classes ranging from Business courses, Trades, Tech, the Arts, Science/Nursing Courses, and many other course offerings that prepare students for the next steps in their educational career, as well as obtaining a job. I am a successful product of SMC that transferred to UCLA.

How many arts events (plays, concerts, art shows) featuring SMC students have you attended in the past two years?

I have attended 3 shows held at the Broad Stage that featured SMC students, I have been to 2 Art shows in the more recent past on campus, and have visited SMC’s planetarium 2 times. As well, I have attended at least 10 SMC Soccer games in the past 2 years.

What more can be done to bring students to campus without the use of a car?

Not only would a reduction of vehicles help reduce the heavy traffic that the college brings to our community, but it will also reduce carbon emissions. With further review, the college could see about adding a multi-level parking structure to the Bundy campus, and increase the campus-to-campus shuttles.

Is the SMC Board more accountable to students (wherever they might live) or residents(regardless of their SMC affiliation)?

While SMC’s main goal is to serve the students to its best potential, it also needs to recognize and respect the surrounding neighborhoods. The residents of our City have dealt with the influx of traffic, parking, high rents, and large developments amongst other things. There needs to be a balance.

Is the campus a never-ending construction project or can you foresee an end to expansion?

Over the past decade there has been a major influx of large developments throughout our community. SMC has grown immensely, and it is all positive. However, I don’t see the need for the acquisition of more land than it currently has now. This is a community college, not a university.

How much time and energy should be put into continuing adult education vs. undergrad?

This is a community college, a center for learning. We need to remember that, and understand that there should be a balance between those that are just looking to take an introductory course, further expand their knowledge, and those that are looking to transfer or obtain certificates. All are welcome.

Does the future of college education still focus on the campus experience or will education become more virtual?

I believe in the classroom setting. I understand there are certain aspects of new technologies that can be helpful in the learning process. However, I believe that it is up to the student to decide whether or not they want to take classes on campus or what is offered online.

In planning maintenance for a city’s infrastructure, a civil engineer estimates that, starting from the present, the population of the city will decrease by 10 percent every 20 years. If the present population of the city is 50,000, which of the following expressions represents the engineer’s estimate of the population of the city t years from now?

I choose – D) 50,000(0.9)t/20

What qualifies you to lead a major educational institution like SMC and how will/do you contribute to the board?

Being that I may very well be the only Board Member to actually have received 2 Associate’s Degrees from SMC, I feel that I will bring a very recent and informed point of view from a student perspective. As well, being that I grew up here, I know the different challenges that the community faces, and I look to better recognize the surrounding neighborhoods, and put “Community” back into Santa Monica College.

Born and raised in Santa Monica, I am a proud product of our public education system. After graduating from Samohi, I enrolled at Santa Monica College and experienced how Santa Monica residents compete for class space and resources even though local residents pay for the debt from a growing number of College bonds. Residents, who make up less than 4% of SMC’s student population should receive priority admission and free tuition at Santa Monica College. I will fight to make that a reality.

After graduating from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), I returned to serve my City. As I continue building my career with the City of Santa Monica, I look forward to bringing “community” back into Santa Monica College, ensuring more access and opportunity for residents of all needs and ages.

Putting Our Residents First:

– I will bring firsthand experience as a successful product of Santa Monica College.

– Increase PRIORITY ENROLLMENT and provide FREE/Incentivized TUITION for all Santa Monica and Malibu Residents.

– Strengthen partnerships between Santa Monica College and Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District.

– Establish improved community relations with surrounding neighborhoods.

– Fiscal Transparency and Accountability.

– Reduce Parking Issues.

– Support Emeritus College.

Join me in building upon the success of Santa Monica College’s tradition of excellence, and vote for me, a homegrown product & Santa Monica College Alumnus, Patrick Acosta II.

Why is SMC and therefore this election relevant to residents who have not attended SMC?

This election is relevant to residents, who they themselves have not attended SMC, because they are a part of this community. Growing up here, I have seen the many different changes throughout the City. All decisions, small and large, can and will have a significant impact on our community in one way or another. If the people are not informed, then their voice and concerns will not be taken into consideration. Everyone is at a different point in their lives and whether or not they are attending SMC should not matter. There are many issues that come up at the college. Some of the issues that all residents deal with, are such issues as parking, traffic, the acquisition of land within the City, the housing market, and major development projects that are underway in our community.

The college should better recognize and respect the community in which it is in. We as the residents, need to also understand the reasons mentioned above, and how each of them impact us and our City. Whether or not you have children or family members that will be attending SMC one day, or maybe you yourself will decide to enroll in a course someday just to gain some knowledge, or maybe you will look to embark on a career change and look to SMC for guidance and education. SMC also offers various events that are hosted here in our community. It is good to know that the College will continue to run quality programs here in our community. Overall, I look to hear what any of our residents have to say about SMC. I appreciate you all and thank you for your time.

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