Ashley Powell

Challenger Ashley Powell has raised more money for her City Council campaign than all other Council candidates combined after the first reporting deadline this week.

Candidates had to file their first set of paperwork by 5:30 p.m. on Thursday and only four of the seven City Council candidates had any fundraising activity with Powell far ahead of the pack.

Councilwoman Himmelrich loaned herself $25,000 and she received one $340 donation from Mary Marlow. Himmelrich reported expenses of $16,016 including $7,500 to Denny Zane as a campaign consultant, more than $3,000 to Gould & Orellana LLC for professional services, $4,000 for office expenses and $1,125 in campaign literature. She reported her ending cash balance as $10,703.

Kevin McKeown reported $10,830 in donations and $3,582 in expenses. With money remaining from past campaigns he reported a balance of $11,059.66. His donations came from 55 individuals who gave between $25 and $340. McKeown has long touted his grassroots approach to fundraising.

“As you review all the candidates’ campaign finance reports due today, I hope you’ll take note of where my money is coming from.  Over 85% of my donors are individuals living in Santa Monica.  There is no developer or corporate money,” he said by email. “The few donors to my campaign who do not live in Santa Monica include an officer of the Santa Monica Democratic Club and his wife, a former labor organizer who worked with me in solidarity during the  living wage “war” at the turn of the century, the owner of a long-standing  small Santa Monica business, a progressive Democratic Party activist from Topanga, an attorney supportive of my work for fair wages for restaurant workers, an artist and personal friend from Pacific Palisades, and the UFCW local with whom I stood during the great supermarket strike of 2003-2004.”

Councilwoman Pam O’Connor reported $1,485 in contributions and $828 in payments but $700 of those payments had yet to process. She reported five donors, four who gave $340 and one for $100. Combined with her past fundraising and expenses O’Connor ended the period with $1,412 in cash and $6,715 in outstanding debts.

Greg Morena reported $12,674 in fundraising for the period and $21,172 in expenses. Morena came into the filing period with $10,797 in the bank so he had an ending cash balance of $2,299. Morena’s fundraising came from 30 individuals who donated between $100 and $340.

Ashely Powell was the big winner for the filing period reporting $63,393 in contributions against $33,407 in cash payments for a balance of $29,985. She reported 212 individual donors of between $100 and $340.

Geoffrey Neri, Nathaniel Jones and Scott Bellomo filed limited paperwork required for individuals that have less than $2,000 in total fundraising activity.

The first reporting period is for activity between July 1 and Sept. 22 of this year. The next funding report will cover Sept. 23 through Oct. 30.

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