In January, 2017, Donald Trump reportedly instructed his administration to treat each day as if it were a reality show. It seemed insane but for two years we’ve been living it.

This week I intended to write about my neighbor and Samohi senior, Joey Choe, and her involvement with Junior State America. I will elaborate shortly, but, given the last 48 hours and the next 24, I must digress. I’m referring to Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, which is surrounded in scandal.

For starters, Trump scheduled a Thursday White House meeting with Assistant Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, apparently to either fire him, have him resign or as a typical Trump “shiny object” ploy. This to distract from that day’s Senate Hearing sexual assault testimony of Professor Ford about Kavanaugh.

Meanwhile, why wasn’t Mark Judge, Kavanaugh’s best friend in high school, subpoenaed? Why no reopening of his FBI background investigation? The problem with all of this is my deadline was Wednesday.

Thanks to Trump’s choreographed chaos, once again my column, fresh off the press, will appear out of date. That said, some readers could care less. Via e-mail, I’ve been told some use Laughing Matters to line their bird cage, wrap fish or use instead of toilet tissue. (The latter I emailed back, asking, “Is Charmin really that expensive?”)

During another dark period in our history, Vietnam, President Nixon coined the “Silent Majority.” Today’s Trumpsters are the “loud minority.” Fortunately for the country, Nixon resigned, albeit five years later. With Trump, five more months seems too long. (#November 6.)

Part mob boss, part snake oil huckster, Trump lies almost hourly. I’d say it’s become second nature but, witness his entire life, it’s actually his first nature. In his initial 600 days he told over 5,000 lies. (You can tell he’s lying when his lips move.) Trump campaigned on bringing coal miner’s jobs back, but with his endless falsehoods and administration felons, his presidency has been a boon for fact checkers and defense lawyers.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday at the U.N., Trump made a complete fool of himself. In his nativist “America First” speech he felt compelled to boast about his presidential accomplishments. The result was the General Assembly laughed at him. On Wednesday, Trump held a rambling 81-minute Press Conference filled with buffoonery. Like a schoolyard bully, he claimed he “intended to be funny.” Yeah, right. But alas, maybe there’s hope in our youth for truth in government.

I’m referring to Junior State America whose motto I love, “Be the People.” (By the way, JSA is completely non-partisan and wants to attract young people of all political viewpoints!)

Founded in 1934, JSA ‘s function is to help high school students acquire leadership skills and knowledge to be effective debaters and civic participants. I learned of JSA in June when I first wrote about my neighbor Joey. (ForJoeyIt’sNowOrNever) Inspired by the courageous Parkland, Florida high school students, Joey created a dramatic anti-gun violence photo. Artistically staged on the beach, Joey won an Honorable Mention in a Congressional Art Competition.

Let me quickly mention notable JSA alumni: Leon Panetta (former Defense Secretary and CIA Director); Mike McCurry (Clinton Press Secretary) Ed Meese (Reagan Attorney General); or); Jennifer Palmieri (Obama White House Director of Communication); businessman Charles Schwab, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti and, maybe the most “illustrious,” Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady!

Joey joined JSA, the largest student run youth organization in America, when she was a 14-year-old freshman. It’s been one of the best decisions of her life. I suspect it’s been a factor in her transition from a young girl to a confident young woman. (Being a straight-A student doesn’t hurt either, although she cringes when I mention that.)

JSA members debate issues, write bills, vote and pass legislation and send the results to various state legislatures. They have a Governor, Lt. Governor, Senate and Speaker of the Assembly. Among their many events are Leadership Conferences and two-day Conventions.

With her JSA experience, Joey has developed impressive communication skills. She loves her job at JSA, Director of External Publicity. Her duties include contacting media outlets, recruiting prominent keynote speakers and diplomatically reminding opinionated columnist like me JSA is 100% non-partisan!

On their website, JSA has a “donate” tab, which I’m hoping my readers will check out. Given Trump, if you value the truth, a donation to JSA might be a wise investment.

Who knows, a future POTUS, could have begun their youthful interest in government through JSA. If so, as informed and dedicated as he or she would be, they’d never wind up a laughing stock at the U.N.

To learn more about JSA, go to: Jack is at, and

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