Heather Tierney of The Butchers Daughter.


-LA wellness-guru and owner of The Butcher’s Daughter, Heather Tierney unveiled(on September 27th a new breads & spreads offering, all which have been inspired by the ingredients of Trumer Pils

-During a visit to the Trumer Brewery, Heather and her team of renowned chefs had the opportunity to experience Trumer Pils first-hand – see, smell and taste the ingredients; engage in the brewing process, and spend quality time with Brewmaster Lars Larson

-Inspired by Trumer Pils’ centuries-old recipe (c. 1601!) and the four pure ingredients with which the brew hand-crafts its award-winning pilsner – water, malt, yeast and hops – Tierney developed  signature house-made recipes

-Consumers are able to order these delicious, beer-inspired breads & spreads at the restaurant, which when paired with Trumer Pils make for the ultimate Toast To Your Weekend

All of The Butcher’s Daughter’s new offerings created with ingredients of Trumer Pils listed below:
  • Sourdough Loafs
  • Hops Salts
  • Toasted Barley Honey
  • Brown Barley Butter
  • Pretzels With Hop Salts
  • Pilsner Dijon Di
  • Trumer Spice Blend

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