Recently, I received the dreaded letter from the Dept. of Motor Vehicles that my driver license was expiring and it was time to renew it.

I spent hours online and reading the many practice tests. I also submitted my renewal application online.

Despite the horrendous publicity about the time it takes to negotiate the DMV, I made an appointment at the Santa Monica office, where I was very pleasantly surprised.

The line for those with appointments was relatively short, and the staff greeting folks were polite and considerate. I received my number quickly and sat in the waiting room. In less than five minutes, I was at a window where my thumbprint was taken and a few questions clarified.

Then, I had my photo taken with no problems and was escorted to the dreaded computer with the test(s). In less than five minutes, I successfully passed the test and was issued my new license.

The staff at SM DMV proved to be helpful, considerate, and each had a sense of humor.

Thank you for turning this into a pleasant and relatively short experience.

Harvey D. Kern

West Los Angeles

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