Lids are the only exception in a proposed ordinance going before the City Council tonight to ban single-use plastic in restaurants and grocery stores throughout the city. As currently written, the ordinance bans plastic plates, bowls, trays, containers, straws, utensils, stirrers, cups and lid plugs unless they are made from degradable materials. Even compostable utensils and paper straws are to be provided only upon request.

The move comes as other cities enact similar bans to curb the amount of garbage making its way into the Pacific Ocean. The amount of plastic straws collected on Santa Monica’s beach during clean-ups is up 43 percent since 2014, according to Heal the Bay.

The plastic ban would impact approximately 800 businesses in Santa Monica, from large, corporate chains to mom-and-pops. The ordinance would also apply to all city facilities and sponsored events that serve prepared food.

The new law would expand a 2007 ordinance that banned polystyrene food containers.

The City Council will meet Tuesday, Aug. 14 inside City Hall Council Chambers at 1685 Main Street, room 213. Public items will be heard no earlier than 6:30 p.m.

Senior reporter for the Santa Monica Daily Press