For both tourists and locals alike, motorized scooters have become a popular way to explore our beachside city. No matter which transportation method you chose to use, Santa Monica Travel & Tourism heartens all who enjoy our city to follow the law and place safety first.

The summer months are an especially favorite time for many visitors from around the world to enjoy the quintessential Southern California beach experience in our city. Please do your part to help remind and educate your visiting friends and family about how to ride safely and remember to ride safe, smart and sane while zipping around our streets.

The Santa Monica Police Department encourages anyone riding an electric scooter to do so safely and responsibly by remembering to obey the laws and being a courteous rider. To help remind riders of the laws surrounding motorized scooters, the SMPD has released a PSA that covers electric scooters and clarifies the law. To learn how not to receive a ticket, keep in mind the following:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Don’t activate for children
  • Don’t block sidewalks
  • Don’t ride on the sidewalk
  • Don’t ride tandem

As a reminder, California law requires people who ride motorized scooters to wear helmets. Santa Monica Travel & Tourism is distributing helmets, compliments of Bird Scooters, to Bird riders at the Visitor Information Centers below during normal operation hours. Riders can stop in and ask a friendly Visitor Services staff member for a helmet free of charge.


2427 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405


Located in Palisades Park

1400 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90401


Inside the Carousel building

200 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, CA 90401

For more safety information on getting around Santa Monica, visit

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