From recent articles in your paper about electric scooters, it’s obvious the city is perplexed by this current phenomenon. Writing tickets or confiscation won’t stop the future, if they want to limit the number of scooters in town then maybe they should limit the number of cars entering our city limits, especially downtown.

Scooters are a reasonable alternative to buses, cars or motorcycles and with the theft rate of bicycles in this town that the police can’t seem to get a grip on, why would anyone want to risk an expensive bike and not take a scooter as an alternative.

The city council needs to rethink their approach, yes, keeping them off sidewalks is a good idea, they do need to be on the designated bike lanes in town and have a license but then the city doesn’t want them on the beach bike path! Pedestrians aren’t allowed there either but don’t get tickets, such inconsistencies by the city make us crazy!  The future is here, leave the scooters alone.

Stephen Lancaster

Santa Monica