Friends of mine with children have occasionally described a terrifying period in their kids’ development known as “the terrible twos.” Apparently, at this stage, the child believes that she or he is the most important person in the world around whom everything and everybody revolves. They can be highly opinionated and shriek bloody murder without a shred of self-consciousness.

When tired or hungry they’re highly susceptible to maddening meltdowns. They seem incapable of even minimal empathy for others because all that matters to them, is them. The good news is almost every child on earth outgrows this stage. The bad news is, Donald Trump didn’t.

Currently, the good citizens of London are expressing their hostility toward Trump and with ample reason. Following a 2017 terrorist attack in London, and taking the Muslim Mayor’s words totally out of context, Trump insulted Sadik Kahn, via his favorite and cowardly method, Twitter.

Outraging Brits more, Trump also re-tweeted two anti-Muslim videos posted by a neo-fascist London-based fringe group, both of which were proven FAKE! Actually, if you think about it, we never heard of “fake news” until we had a “fake” president. (Who just happened to get elected with help from Russia, no less!) Meanwhile, a trivia question. Since 1900, when has an American president been so despised in the U.K.? Answer: Never!

After receiving a permit to fly over Parliament during Trump’s visit, a group of activists created a 20-foot high diaper-clad “Trump Baby” hot air balloon that is probably flying over London as you read this. Inflatable and orange, the giant “Trump Baby” has a malevolent, constipated expression, sports Trump’s signature blond hair and has a cellphone in his unusually tiny hands.

In the UK’s Metro newspaper British activist Leo Murray explained why he and others planned the demonstration. “It’s on everyone who knows the difference between right and wrong to resist this grotesque president who lacks the capacity for moral shame. To get through to Trump, you have to get down on his level and talk to him in a language he understands: personal insults.”

I felt like contacting Mr. Murray and telling him that I’ve been doing just that for the past 18 months with little or no success and, instead, am the recipient of rather cranky emails. (Last week, Kelly in San Leandro and Andrew from Santa Monica, insist I have no respect for the office of the presidency to which I politely wrote back “It’s not the office, it’s the occupant.”)

In his article, Murray continued, “Ridiculing tyrants and despots is a proud British tradition. If this generation is going to have to fight fascism again, we may as well have a bit of a laugh while we are doing it.” My attitude exactly.

At the summit this week, Trump shamefully questioned the value of NATO, only the greatest military alliance in world history. On Monday, Trump is having a mysterious meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin who couldn’t be happier with The Donald’s negative view of NATO. (You’d almost think Trump is doing his bidding but how could that be?)

While the free world sees Putin as a murdering dictator, not our plump POTUS. “He’s a strong leader,” Trump insists, “Have you seen his poll numbers?”

As it happens, in December 2015, I was watching “Morning Joe” live on MSNBC when host Joe Scarborough broke the news to candidate Trump that Putin assassinates political opponents and journalists right out on the street. Having his hero hammered, Trump responded poutingly, “Yeah, well, we kill a lot of people, too.” (Say what?)

To this day Trump has never had a single critical word for Putin. Going against all presidents of both parties for over seventy years (but what do they know?) Trump saves his verbal venom for the democratically elected leaders of the U.K., Canada, France, Germany, Australia and Mexico. Go figure.

In May 2017, and with American journalists barred from our White House, Trump had Russians into the Oval Office where he actually revealed military secrets. (He still says he’s allowed to do because he’s president.)

So it is on Monday, in Helsinki, Trump and Putin will meet in private with no note takers or journalists allowed. Here’s how I imagine the scene.

Trump: How am I doing so far, Vlad?”   Putin: Separating childs from parents, nice touch. How many still lost? Trump: Who knows? I take it you’re gonna meddle in the mid-terms? Putin: Is Pope Catholic? Trump: If you ask me, the guy’s a loser with that climate change b.s. It’s a Chinese hoax. Putin: Really? Trump: Would I lie? The two laugh heartily. Suddenly the sky darkens. They rush to the window. Overhead is the giant “Trump Baby” hot air balloon. All I can say is, Trump, at 2 or 72, it’s definitely terrible.


For Kelly, Andrew and others, please Google “Trump compares himself to Elton John.” Read Trump’s words and you won’t believe he’s POTUS. Counter-intelligence expert Malcom Nance’s says, “Putin is Trump’s ‘handler’ and we’re in a ‘Benedict Arnold moment.’ Jack is at