The first major movie to be released and distributed via blockchain technology will make its
debut at the Laemmle this Friday, July 6. And yes, there’s a Bitcoin subplot.

‘No Postage Necessary’ will premiere at the Santa Monica Laemmle Friday, July 6 and releases
wide Monday, July 10 via VOD and Vevue, a non-profit, peer-to-peer sharing platform that runs
on the blockchain platform Qtum.

If the buzzworthy words in that last sentence caused your head to tilt, eyes to squint, and sent a
jolt of sheer bewilderment down your spine, do not panic dear reader, that’s a normal reaction in
this new world of Bitcoins and Ethereums.

In layman’s terms, blockchain is an internet technology valued for its security that manages a
database with many users. When not mining for cryptocurrency (digital payment systems like
Bitcoin) the technology can be used for many purposes such as powering a new distribution
model for media.

Co-founder of Vevue Kathrine Olson says Silicon Beach slang aside, she and her husband
Thomas’ platform and distribution method is simply about decentralization and empowerment,
giving content creators — as well as Vevue users — greater autonomy.

“When content producers make things, through Vevue, we can take out the middleman,” Olson
said in a phone call with the Daily Press. “There are no extra fees to be paid to anyone like
accountants or distributor fees. It’s global and you’re not being run by a corporate monopoly.
Creators are given the power to do what they please and that’s a central part of what we do.”

Olson says creators get nearly 100% of profits from content they create due to cutting out
middlemen, saying profits go directly to those involved with the production of the film, a key
point among many others that led filmmaker Jeremy Culver to release his film via Vevue.

A writer and director for several films, Culver dabbled in blockchain and cryptocurrency in their
infancy, wanting to use blockchain as a way to distribute a movie but feeling the tech just
“wasn’t there yet” in the early 2010s.

Once the blockchain tech and ecosystems developed, Culver invested in Qtum, eventually
encountering Vevue’s founders and their platform, one that could meet the demands of
releasing and supporting his film. Culver says he’s proud to be the first blockchain-distributed
film and this new distribution model, specifically Vevue, can revolutionize the film industry.

“There are so many benefits to it,” Culver said. “Accessibility alone– there’s a billion unbanked
people in the world, billion with a ‘B’. Entertainment is universally consumed and as a creator,
you can now reach a lot of people in this new tokenized economy. For filmmakers, copyright
protection helps, too, and it’s built-in there. It’s in the metadata and it follows through the content’s
lifetime. And then there are royalties. When revenue comes in, we can identify who gets paid.No
audits from distribution, no having to pay accountants, everyone involved gets immediately

Culver’s film has a bitcoin subplot in a film with overarching themes of love and serendipity.
Much like the synopsis of his film, Culver says blockchain and Vevue aren’t complicated.

“We want blockchain to be in the background when someone uses Vevue. When you use iTunes,
you don’t stump yourself, thinking ‘Oh, there’s a server and bank clearing a transaction through my credit card,’” Culver says with a laugh, after using a near-automated voice. “Our goal is to
make this technology and platform as useful and simple as we can.”

NO POSTAGE NECESSARY opens at Laemmle’s Monica Film Center July 6 before releasing
via Blockchain and VOD July 10. For more on Vevue, visit or email Kathrine Olson at