I live on Lincoln Blvd blocks from the Santa Monica/Venice border. Rarely is a rider of Bird or Lime scooters in the bike lane in my neighborhood. Riders are 90% of the time on the sidewalks, 99.9% of the time without mandated helmets, and 30% of the time too young to have a driver’s license. The abandoned scooters are a hazard – dropped wherever, impeding pedestrians, people with walkers or wheelchairs, and people pushing kids in strollers.

I have NEVER observed any enforcement of the “regulations” regarding use of these playthings.

But I have never witnessed enforcement of crosswalk violations by motorists, use of noisy leaf blowers by gardeners or residents, riding of bikes on sidewalks, littering or failure to pick up animal waste.

Why continue to create regulations which the elected officials know will go unenforced by a beleaguered and underfunded police force?

Eternally frustrated,

Killeen Pilon

Santa Monica