Two local students will host a charity lemonade and baked goods sale benefitting WildAid’s work to save the endangered Rhinos. The stand is organized by Santa Monica residents Henry Langer (9 years old) and Max Langer (12 years old).

Henry is a passionate wildlife conservationist and he is deeply concerned about the near extinction of the Northern White Rhino and the overall devastation of poaching on Rhinos in general. He and his brother Max have banded together to do something. They are holding an audacious lemonade stand fundraiser and many local businesses have joined forces to donate drinks and delicious baked goods including vegan and gluten free options.

The boys will be out on Saturday, June 30 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. On Montana Avenue at 15th Street across from Whole Foods in front of Citibank.

WildAid’s mission is to end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetimes by reducing demand through public awareness campaigns and providing comprehensive marine protection. Money raised will go to support WildAid and their work to protect Rhinos.

Submitted by Meredith Blake