Summer is here! Our blue skies, warm rays of sun and endless days at the beach await us in Santa Monica. Many of us will soon find ourselves traveling near and far as we take advantage of school holidays and warm weather to vacation with loved ones. No matter where your destination may be, Santa Monica Travel & Tourism encourages you to keep your personal safety top of mind with these five important tips for vacation safety.

  1. Before you leave, inform your neighbors of how long you expect to be away and arrange for a friend to pick up mail and/or deliveries.
  2. Never carry large amounts of cash when you travel. If you must carry a large sum of money, do not display it openly and take only the credit cards that you actually plan to use.
  3. Always lock your car when entering or leaving it and park in well-lighted, busy areas. Store valuables and shopping bags out of sight.
  4. When visiting a new place, ask a local expert if there are any areas in town that you should avoid. Stick to well-lighted main streets and public areas and be aware of your surroundings. If you feel threatened or uncomfortable, seek help.
  5. When staying overnight at a hotel or motel, determine the most direct route to and from your room, to the fire escapes, elevators, and nearest phone. When occupying or leaving your room, use all auxiliary locking devices on doors and windows.
  6. Always keep a copy of your travel documents and passport in a separate area from your main luggage, in case your luggage is lost.
  7. In advance of your visit locate the hospitals and doctors in your vacation destination that will accept your insurance.


Those of us lucky enough to call this beautiful place home will undoubtedly welcome visitors this summer. If you need any resources, please visit for itinerary tips and experience ideas. Or, stop in at one of our Santa Monica Visitor Information Centers – your source for all things Santa Monica. All of our Visitor Centers provide friendly, trained and knowledgeable travel counselors, Visitor Guides and Maps, and information on attractions, hotels, dining, museums, galleries and entertainment as well as gifts to welcome your guests. We’re here to help!