Dete Meserve, award-winning author, filmmaker and television producer will discuss her new book, Random Acts of Kindness at The Braid, home of Jewish Women’s Theatre’s (JWT) in Santa Monica, on Sunday, June 24 from 10 a.m. to noon.

The “Dialogue on Stage” event also features an original performance of an inspiring story told in Meserve’s new non-fiction book. The story is of a man who has turned his pizza restaurant into a “pay it forward” establishment, helping the homeless with food and messages of hope and acceptance.

Meserve will share real-life stories about ordinary people who do big and small extraordinary things that make a difference. Who are these everyday heroes? Frat boys and great grandmothers. Ten-year olds and teens. Dog lovers and autistic car washers. Football players, teachers, bikers, and members of a marching band.

“After I wrote Good Sam, a mystery about finding people who inspire us with their selfless acts of kindness, I had to write another book that would let me share the beautiful truth that there are countless people doing meaningful Acts of Kindness around the globe,” Meserve explains.

“JWT is delighted to give Dete Meserve a platform to tell the story of how she came to write this book and how her readers often led her to meet regular people who display what Meserve calls, “boundless goodness,” says JWT’s artistic director Ronda Spinak.

Moderator and JWT Board Member Suzanna Kaplan, adds, “The book’s message echoes many of the themes JWT regularly features in our theatre. Over and over again, we present a different kind of reality show – the reality that each of us can make a difference regardless of our age, religion or bank account. Come. Be inspired. Get your spirits lifted and smile.”

“Working with Dete Meserve, a writer who has chosen to tell stories of kindness, has been a joy,” says Rachel Greco, co-author and journalist. Greco will also be at The Braid, signing books.

Dete Meserve and “Dialogue on Stage” will take place at The Braid, 2912 Colorado Ave. #102 from 10 a.m. to noon on Sunday, June 24. Tickets are $20 and include a light brunch. For tickets and additional information, visit: and click on “Buy Tickets.”

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Submitted by Rose Ziff