As will be seen by 350,000 in person and on TV by more than a hundred million, tomorrow Prince Harry and L.A. native, Meghan Markle will be married. The last American to marry an English royal was in 1937 when socialite Wallis Simpson exchanged vows with King Edward VIII. The public furor, however, over the twice-divorced Simpson becoming queen forced Edward to abdicate the throne after a mere eleven-month reign.

Fortunately, attitudes in England have evolved. Meghan is bi-racial and, thankfully, it’s almost a non-issue. We had a bi-racial president which fueled bigots, including Donald Trump’s racist birther movement. (Trump’s business bankruptcies pale compared to his moral bankruptcy.)

Trump was specifically asked NOT to attend the royal wedding. Brits remember that Trump mocked the Muslim Mayor of London after a terrorist attack and retweeted two fake anti-Muslim videos. He also, three years after young Harry lost his mother in a tragic traffic accident, callously insulted her memory.

On The Howard Stern Show, Trump talked about his “almost romance” with Diana years earlier. “She was crazy” he observed flippantly but added, “I wouldn’t have hesitated to sleep with her.” (How tasteful.) Apparently, Trump actively pursued Di, sending her lavish floral arrangements. (I wonder if Michael Cohen paid for them out of a slush fund?)

Trump confided to friends he “had a real shot” at Diana. She confided to friends that Trump gave her “the creeps.” Diana was prescient. For example, Trump reportedly told porn actress Stormy Daniels and former Playboy Playmate, Karen McDougal, how much each reminded him of his daughter. (#Gross.)

These two alleged affairs (and how many others?) occurred when Melania was pregnant and continued after Barron’s birth. Melania had surgery on Monday and hopefully will be home this weekend. Is Trump guilty about not getting her a birthday gift? Or, having forgotten to mention her in his Mother’s Day speech? No! The man is clearly without a conscience. (@Sociopath.)

Frankly, Melania always seems more like a hostage than a First Lady. And, with all due respect, her “Be Best” anti-cyberbullying campaign is ludicrous given her husband is the #1 cyber bully!

That Trump calls anyone “crazy” “loser,” or a “pig,” is classic projection. Especially, “crazy.” (Google “Trump meltdown Fox and Friends.”) . Diana was an elegant woman who devoted her life to the poor and needy. Trump is a boor and greedy. (Spike Lee calls him “Agent Orange.)

Trump’s lack of decency has spread to his staff. Kelly Sadler, a mid-level White House communications aide, allegedly mocked John McCain’s battle with brain cancer. She later said she wasn’t joking. (We all know brain cancer is such a gold mine for laughs.)

After McCain expressed his opposition to Gina Haspel’s CIA director nomination. Kelly reportedly saw fit to say, “It doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway.” McCain’s wife, Cindy, took to Twitter, “May I remind you my husband has a family, 7 children, and 5 grandchildren.”

Over a week later and still no apology from the White House. Ironically, if Sadler had done so publicly, the story would have ended. Instead, it’s being condemned on both sides of the political aisle. GOP Senator Lindsey Graham said bitterly, “No one’s laughing in the Senate.”

Sadler probably took her cue from her boss, In 2015 Trump claimed: “Nobody loves the military like I do.” And yet, he said of McCain, “I prefer my heroes not captured.” (Suggesting a soldier who gets captured is a “loser?”)

During Vietnam, Trump received five deferments, four student and one medical. (Though he couldn’t remember which foot had the “bone spur.”) Given that Dr. Bornstein’s “If elected he’d be the healthiest president in history” letter was dictated by Trump, odds are the “bone spur” letter was probably also dictated by Trump. (Insulting those who served in the military, Trump bragged that his “personal Vietnam was avoiding sexually transmitted diseases.”)

Meanwhile, Trump who campaigned on “draining the swamp,” has been bottling and selling the stuff like a carnival barker. (Google: “Trump China $500 million.”) After getting the ½ billion infusion, suddenly Trump wants more jobs for China. What’s next, new hats? “MCGA, Make China Great Again.”

As N. Korea threatens to withdraw from the summit, there goes Trump’s precious and self-promoted Nobel Peace Prize. In the past, other U.S. presidents have won the Nobel Prize (Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson and Obama) but, as far as I can tell, none have been pu**y grabbers.

Prince Harry and Meghan vow to follow in Diana’s humanitarian footsteps. Ivanka and Jared vow to hustle her handbags and loans to bail out his 666 Fifth Avenue. (666, isn’t that the devil’s address?) I suppose “Jarvanka” are just emulating Trump who uses the Presidency as his personal ATM machine.

As for Kelly Sadler, if it can’t be Trump until after the mid-terms, I hope she gets canned.

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