While Santa Monica and Malibu will soon begin their path to district independence of one another, the district will decide at an April 12 school board meeting if they should begin the formation of two School Facilities Improvement Districts (SFID) to better serve Santa Monica and Malibu schools individually.

According to the school board’s agenda, the Board of Education will be recommended to seek authorization from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors (LAC BOS) to adopt a resolution to create two SFIDs.

The resolution adoption is recommended to “achieve the necessary financing for its facilities needs and commence important school facilities improvement projects.”

The formation of two SFIDs would be “necessary,” according to the agenda, to allow schools within Malibu and Santa Monica as well as their communities to have more self-sufficiency in many areas such as facility planning and funding.

The Board anticipates “calling and conducting two separate general obligation bond elections within both of said improvement districts.” It’s “anticipated” that at these elections, voters will be presented with bond measures to finance the school facilities improvements within each respective district.

Other items on the agenda include adopting a resolution to honor civil rights activist Dolor Huerta’s birthday and accomplishments, updates on PCB removal in school sites, awarding of Big Blue annual passes to all new and existing district employees, and an update on Early Learning Pathways.

The Early Learning Pathway (ELP) program is a program that prepares students for academic success at a very early age, enrolling students from preschool, transitional kindergarten, and kindergarten.

In ELPs second annual update to the board, staff will share two areas of major consideration: programming decisions and professional development opportunities.

In their prepared presentation, ELP notes barriers to program enrollment, such as being funding issues and fewer enrolled students at preschool sites linked to elementary sites. They’ve proposed less extended hours and fewer full-time teachers to bring the program closer to being a “fiscally sound department.” Additionally, ELP will seek to begin a pilot program to “continue vertical alignment and program expansion.”

In this pilot program, educators involved with ELP will receive “release time” to participate in discussions around Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) and Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) results.

ELP posits that if teachers have time to review and discuss DRDP and EDI date, teachers will share their prowess and address any concerns.

“Our ultimate hope would be to create colocated programs including all forms of funded programs in the same classroom environment, and more on the campuses of our elementary school sites,” ELP says.