Share Feedback on Your Hometown and Enter to Win an American Express Gift Card

As residents of Santa Monica, you form the pillar of our thriving community. Santa Monica Travel & Tourism needs your input to help us see our beach community in a more accurate light. We are working in partnership with the City of Santa Monica to better understand how people experience and perceive Santa Monica, both as a place to live and as a travel destination.

As someone who chose to live in Santa Monica, what do you share with others about your hometown – especially those that may visit you? Answering questions like these will give us invaluable insight into our destination. Submit your feedback by filling out a short survey and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $250 American Express Gift Card. The survey is available at

This project is part of a larger effort for the City of Santa Monica to develop a long-term economic development strategy. A healthy economy not only pays the bills for City services, it undergirds the fabric of resident employment, the demand for city services, the sources of support for civic and cultural institutions, and the upkeep of public and private infrastructure that supports our standard of living and quality of life. Our civic leaders have long been forward thinking, and much of the success of today’s thriving local economy can be traced back to plans laid out by these leaders in decades past.

Share your feedback today at We thank you in advance for your support and the role you play in making Santa Monica a world-class place to live, work and play!