There will be no April Fools edition of The Daily Press this year due to the date falling on a Sunday. The paper doesn’t have a dedicated Sunday paper; rather, we publish a joint weekend edition covering Saturday and Sunday.

A Sunday, April 1 has only happened a few times in the paper’s history and the April Fool’s edition has been skipped in some of those years. In others, attempts were made to publish the edition, either as an online-only product or by printing a “Saturday” edition with a “Sunday” edition inserted. Neither really worked at the time and those options have become more problematic as time progressed.

We think publishing the satirical issue just isn’t funny if it’s not on April 1. At the same time, the world at large, including Santa Monica, has become more susceptible to believing even blatantly fake information. The danger of putting out a phony edition any day other than April 1 is simply too great in the modern environment.

We know the April Fools edition is beloved and we have every intent to revive the edition next year.