Among the most alarming aspects of the Trump presidency is how we’ve become inured to his vulgarity. We’re told it’s “just Trump being Trump,” as if that somehow excuses it. But replace “Trump” with “Obama” and imagine what would happen.  For example, what if it had been Obama who bragged about grabbing women’s p*****s?

Or, if a week before the election, Obama’s lawyer paid a porn star $130,000 to keep her quiet. Or if it was Obama who had Russians in the oval office and revealed classified secrets. What if it was Obama’s White House with one hundred and thirty employees without security clearance, including a credibly accused wife-beater who allegedly gave one of his ex-wives a horrific black eye?

Or if, when reminded that Putin routinely murders journalists and dissidents,  Obama responded, “Yeah, well we kill lots of people, too!”  Tar, feathers and impeachment proceedings would have begun within hours. For Trump, it’s just another day at the office.

Another day at the office seems to include cowardly firings of cabinet members via Twitter, KFC buckets, twelve Diet-Cokes (burp) and hours of  Fox TV. As for the record White House revolving door, what happened to Trump’s “I only hire the best people?”

Still shocking were Trump’s remarks at a Pennsylvania rally for the ill-fated GOP Congressional candidate Rick Saccone. Despite spending $13.3 million and personal appearances from Don Jr., Ivanka, and Trump in this ruby red district, Saccone appears to have lost.  Having predicted Saccone would “win easily,” Trump will likely trash the former candidate rather than admit he, Donald, failed.

At a rally reminiscent of Mussolini, Trump attacked the media as he rambled for seventy-five minutes but only spent five minutes talking about Saccone. Instead, he devoted the speech to the subject Trump loves the most, himself. (Meanwhile, Saccone stooped to accusing supporters of Connor Lamb, a former Marine and federal prosecutor, of hating America and God.)

During Trump’s rally, he commented, “Some people think Connor Lamb is good-looking.”  Trump, who is obese, dyes his hair, hides his huge balding areas, wears orange makeup and is more than twice as old as Lamb, continued, “Personally, I think I’m better looking.” And then he pathetically asked his sycophants if they agreed and, like cult followers, they did. As Trump tweets so often, “#Sad.”

Trump’s speech went from incoherent to racist and misogynistic when he attacked Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Like a schoolyard bully, he repeatedly called Warren “Pocahontas,” and referred to Waters as a “low IQ individual.”  Waters responded, “I’m not intimidated by ‘Don the Con.’” (Maybe Waters reads “Laughing Matters” because, on 4/21/17, I titled my column “From Honest Abe to Don the Con.”)

Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if Trump, who gets away with vile behavior most wouldn’t tolerate from a middle-schooler, is brought down by porn-star and exotic dancer, Stormy Daniels?  If you don’t believe me, check out the ratings of this Sunday’s already-filmed “60 Minutes” Anderson Cooper interview with Stormy. (Trump reportedly had sex with Stormy only a day after Barron’s birth.)

Given the historic indictments and investigations in only the first fourteen months of his presidency (with a Republican House, Senate and Special Prosecutor) Trump has been great for defense attorneys. And also porn star strippers as Storm’s nightly earnings have quadrupled.  (Trump lawyers are reportedly trying to get an injunction to prevent CBS from showing the interview and, while it may be postponed a week, almost all legal pundits predict ultimately it will air. A little thing called the First Amendment.)

Poor Melania. If you’ll recall, she looked miserable even during the Inauguration. Twice in public, she has slapped Trump’s hand from touching hers, has conspicuously not attended important events with Trump (like Davos) and reportedly spent three days in a New York hotel away from her husband.

It’s rumored that details of Stormy’s sex with Trump include photos and even videos, and a photographer friend who listened in on Trump’s many calls. All of this might make Trump’s grim “Gridiron Dinner” joke about White House staff leaving, “Maybe Melania might be next,” seems prophetic.

One person Trump won’t be able to bully is Stormy’s attorney, Michael Avenatti. A former Le Mans racecar driver, Avenatti, as opposed to Trump, is calm, thoughtful, smart and actually tough.

It says something when a porn star has an infinitely better attorney than the POTUS. Michael Cohen, Trump’s bumbling personal attorney, expects us to believe he paid the $130k to Stormy out of his pocket and with no approval from Donald. Borrowing a put-down from Trump, Cohen seems like a “low IQ person.”

According to polling, a considerable majority of Americans essentially see Trump as a clown. It’s also likely they wish the circus was over.

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