When it comes to representing the times we live in, this Sunday’s #StayNoisy event is about as timely as is possible.

A popular podcast will bring its live show to the Santa Monica library featuring women from several industries discussing ways to eliminate discrimination within their fields. While the event seems tailor-made for the #metoo era, it’s actually the result of the world that’s catching up to a decades-long effort by a far-flung family with local ties.

The five-sister Dolan family began broadcasting in 2000 with a standard radio show, The Satellite Sisters. They took their name from the reality of their dispersed locations, they literally needed a satellite to stay in touch with each other and built a brand out of sharing their sisterly connections with the audience. As technology changed, so did the show and they moved to a podcast 10 years ago. The family has also published a pair of books and they host live events around the country on a semi-regular basis.

Liz Dolan lives in Santa Monica and said the audience for the live show overlaps, but is not exclusive to, the audience of the popular show.

“There are two different kinds of audiences,” she said. “Half of the audience is people that listen to us all the time. When you’re in their ears like that, in their heart, they feel like they really know you. We’ll get that, but we also have a specific subject matter that is very timely with two other women from businesses around Los Angeles and they have their own contributions. We’ll get others that are interested in making change in the workplace.”

The local panel is focused on women is focused on women from business, entertainment, and sports who have spoken up against discrimination and successfully changed practices in their fields. The event is part of the Women’s History Month celebration of the Santa Monica Commission on the Status of Women.

Speakers include Sara Fischer and Lee Ann Daly.

Fischer is Head Of Production at Shonda Rimes’ production company Shondaland. Fischer oversees programs such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal,” “How to Get Away with Murder”.

Daly is Chairman, North America of The Talent Business, a global retained search firm that places senior international creative executives in C suite roles. Daly is recognized for her brand-building creative leadership as CMO at ESPN, Reuters and Thomson Reuters Markets.

In addition to her media work, Dolan will also share her experience as the former CMO at NIKE, The Oprah Winfrey Network, National Geographic Channels and Fox International Channels.

Dolan said the event has a female-friendly theme but she hopes the discussion will appeal to everyone.

“We would love to draw as big a mix as possible in the audience,” she said. “When you start to address issues of inclusion and diversity and just stopping sexual harassment, men are a big part of that diversity too.”

She said the show has a strong male audience, known as Satellite Misters, and that the conversation will be focused on sharing solutions.

“I think that people should know it will be a lively and fun conversation about what we can all contribute to making change,” she said. “The style of our show and our conversation is to be lively and be entertaining and we can tell stories about what happened in the past but we want to move forward in a positive way too. It’s that kind of conversation.”

The panel was planned, named and booked last summer, before the current surge in awareness. While the show takes on additional relevance with the current atmosphere, Dolan said their approach has been consistent for years.

“We’re very much behind me too as a movement but what’s interesting as we scheduled and titled this panel last summer before me too and times up existed,” she said. “Stay Noisy is just the drum we’ve been beating for a long time.”

The panel discussion will include questions from the audience and will be recorded for later broadcast as part of the podcast. The free event will be held at the Main Library Martin Luther King Jr. Auditorium on Sunday, March 18 from 2 – 3 p.m.

Visit satellitesisters.com for more information.