Nahla Seikali – Malibu High School

The Educator Spotlight recognizes those who contribute to the education of local students. Educators were chosen by consulting with site PTA, student government organizations and staff. Educators were chosen for their reputations with students, staff, parents and the community.

Nahla Seikali has been at Malibu High School for the past three years, but has been teaching for 20 years. Her career in math started when she volunteered to help with Math testing at her own childrens’ school. She realized how much she enjoyed testing, but more so that she would like to teach them the concepts, not just test them. She has always been passionate about math, was at the top of her class, and loves seeing kids light up when they finally get concepts they have been struggling with; their hard work inspires her.

Seikali was the department chair at her previous school and has taught every math class from 7th grade up to AP Calculus AB, including Business Math, AP Statistics and all three Integrated Math classes.



Seikali Speaks:

I am most excited about the fact that I teach Algebra and upper classes at the same time. So, I have had the pleasure of teaching some students as freshmen and now, I have them in Pre-Calc. I can see the change in maturity and the growth during those years, socially, emotionally and academically.

I don’t feel that the new standards have affected my Pre-Calculus and Calculus classes. However, it has majorly affected my algebra teaching. It has forced my students to think and apply, rather than memorize and plug.

I hope to teach my students how to appreciate not only math, but themselves. I hope to show them how to understand math, not just replicate formulas. My goal in doing this is to show the students that they can do more than they ever thought before.

Even though I have been in Malibu for three years only, I already feel that it is home. I love the school, the staff, the students, the parents and the whole community.