The City of Santa Monica spent about $97 million and committed another $88 million to near-term spending on 233 Capital Improvement projects last year according to the year-end report.

The hundreds of projects were spread across several categories including General Government, Community & Economic Development, Public Safety, Recreation and Culture, Mobility, Big Blue Bus, Water and Wastewater, Airport and Pier. Projects listed had a minimum cost of $50,000, a useful life of more than three years and most were related to public infrastructure construction.

According to the report, about a quarter of all projects were for ongoing maintenance. Those projects (such as street repaving, tree maintenance and vehicle replacement) receive a funding allowance every year and are never removed from the books. Of the one-time projects, 41 were finished in the calendar year and while others were substantively complete, final administrative approvals were not completed within 2017.

“Unspent funds are carried forward into the next fiscal year unless there are project savings, which fall back to fund balance and are appropriated for other projects with Council approval in the future,” said the report.

General Government projects are related to upkeep of City property, facilities and services.

The City spent $44,946,528 of a budgeted $73,701,185 on 37 General Government projects including, design/approval of the City Services Building with the goal of achieving the Living Building Challenge Certification ($5,214,600), feasibility and conceptual designs for the City Yards Modernization project ($2,051,728), installation of fiber-optic infrastructure at Clover Park, Fire Station 2 and Fire Station 5 ($115,722),  purchased over 2600 trash containers ($585,631), replacement of 90 vehicles into service and purchase orders for another 68 vehicles ($20,190,643).

Community and Economic Development projects relate to affordable housing, economic development or human services. The City committed $7,534,945 out of a $55,834,661 budget on eight projects such as $2,674,806 for acquisition/rehabilitation of low income housing, $738,933 for new light poles, $151,695 on the Downtown Community Plan and $970,000 to install broadband into low income housing.

The Public Safety covers police and fire projects. Santa Monica spent $15,527,435 out of a budgeted $19,072,983 on 16 projects including $5,942,689 for new fire department vehicles, $3,543,543 for new radio equipment, $446,249 for cameras in police cars and $1,336,965 toward construction of a new Fire Station.

Recreational and Cultural projects pertain to the arts and open space (beaches/parks). Santa Monica committed $9,874,913 out of a budgeted $22,676,343 on 28 projects including $4,215,303 for the new Ishihara Park $138,000 on three Main Street parklets, $1,087,314 to improve Reed Park and $257,531 to repair the Chain Reaction sculpture.

Mobility programs cover roads, transit, bikes, pedestrian and parking projects. There were 28 road/transit projects, 25 bike/pedestrian projects and 12 parking projects. The City committed $20,159,40 out of a budgeted $42,967,049 including $251,232 on the Breeze Bikeshare program, $939,72 on the pedestrian overpass at the California Incline, $3,944,478 on the Incline itself, $1,787 to inventory street signs and $1,959,226 on street resurfacing.

The Big Blue Bus committed $50,504,467 out of a $75,982,972 budget on 20 projects including $36,478,243 on replacement buses, $6,724,981 on bus parts and $2,544,918 on the BBB’s fuel/wash facility.

The City spent $28,445,073 out of a possible $41,279,941 on 32 water and wastewater projects including $2,290,816 for work at Los Amigos Park, $1,751,829 to explore a new well for the City Services Building, $6,575,463 for a new stormwater storage project at the beach and $1,146,246 for landscape and irrigation work on public property.

At the airport, the City committed $3,208,647 out of $7,225,551 on 10 projects including $1,075,738 to shorten the runway, $1,161,661 to refurbish buildings and $229,958 to redesign the Airport Administration Building roof courtyard to improve visitor experiences.

At the Pier, Santa Monica committed $2,356,305 out of a $7,211,719 budget on 6 projects including $1,553,506 on replacing electrical equipment, $631,898 on studies related to replacing the bridge and $170,825 in repairs to the support structure under the pier.

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