Walking into BulletProof Labs is like walking into HR Giger’s personal home gym (you know, if he were a workout bro). People sit while serpent-like tubes spray mist in their mouths; smooth, high-tech pods punctuate a surrounding of fitness equipment; red lights flood from from briefly opened doors.

Words like “Atmospheric Cell Trainer” and “Cold Thermogenesis” fly around, delivered by people that look just as precisely engineered as the equipment you’re tasked to try. While this sounds like someone’s Black Mirror-fueled nightmare come true, it’s actually founder Dave Asprey and CEO Martin Tobias’ first step in helping humanity with their health.

“I’m personally pissed off at this industry,” Tobias, a tech industry veteran, said. “Their mode of delivering health is not working. Their tools are inefficient.”

The tools Tobias speaks of are standard, tried-and-true gym models, the kind asking someone to dedicate oneself to months in the gym in the hopes of getting healthy and staying in shape.

Bulletproof Labs’ tools are the antithesis of this model. What this lab (staff is careful not to call it a gym) claims to provide is “leading, cutting-edge of wellness” equipment meant to maximize your workout, giving you more results in much less time. The lab is an offshoot of the Bulletproof brand that promotes drinking your morning coffee with added fats, such as grass-fed butter, to promote mental and physical health.

The equipment ranges from a fairly not-too-sci-fi sounding cardio bike that switches from oxygen to “negative oxygen” to provide better circulation, to the aforementioned Atmospheric Cell Trainer, a pod that uses air pressure to challenge your body’s adaptability, providing a unique health map for lab goers.

“Billionaires, NASA, Navy SEALs all have this stuff,” said Tobias. “This is the first-time Joe Everyday can come in and get access to this kind of equipment on an hourly basis. We think that’s helping the world.”

Although Bulletproof Labs is built for Joe Everyday, it doesn’t come with the Joe Everyday price point — Bulletproof Labs’ membership ranges from $500 – over $1,000 a month.

Couple that price point with the fact that this equipment and these workouts don’t necessarily have extensive research to back them, and eyebrows rise.

“If you think about how tech gets adopted in health and fitness, there’s probably the biggest lag between when something’s invented and when it’s generally available and stamped by the FDA and the USDA than any industry on the planet,” Tobias says. “If someone invents a new programming language, millions of people can be using it tomorrow. These things have been validated by people like Dave (Asprey) and our Bulletproof bio-hacking community. Just because it isn’t approved doesn’t mean it doesn’t work; it just hasn’t been approved yet and hasn’t received enough double blind, quality control, blabbity blah. We are completely transparent and open to people.”

While no solid figures exist thus far on the progressive health facility, it’s a place that many swear by. Claims of better sleep, healed pinched nerves, and even clarified business ideas, are espoused by staff members and lab goers alike.

“We hear the skeptics,” Tobias says, “and I say come try it yourself.”

Bulletproof Labs is located at 3110 Main St Suite 110 adjacent to the existing Bulletproof Coffee.