Lifeguard Headquarters to receive back-up power generator

Kate Cagle
Daily Press Staff Writer

The lifeguard headquarters at 1642 Ocean Front Walk will soon have a back up generator that would allow the site to stay up and running for 72 hours in the event the electrical grid fails.

The City Council has approved a $227,139 contract with Global Power Group to install the generator along with a new sump pump and LED lighting on the interior and exterior.

Construction work could begin as early as January next year and is anticipated to be finished by April 2018.

“Upon completion of the facility modernization, the Beach Lifeguard Headquarters would be better equipped to continue providing important services to Santa Monica’s residents and visitors,” reads a recent report from the Public Works department.

The city-owned building does not currently have an emergency generator.

The new pump will drain rain water out of the facility’s parking lot during storms.

The lifeguard facility was originally constructed in the late 1950’s and has been staffed by Los Angeles County since the 1970’s. The County Fire Department provides year-round lifeguard coverage for the beach seven days a week, as well as round the clock emergency response and paramedic support. The City pays more than $5 million a year for the services.

The ten-year contract will expire in 2019. As part of the agreement, the County supplies four emergency response vehicles, a rescue boat and a Black Hawk helicopter.

The Council awarded the construction contract to the lowest bidder, Global Power Group, Inc, which installed generators for the cities of Thousand Oaks, San Clemente, Anaheim and Coronado.

“All respondents reported that work was completed in a timely and cost-efficient manner while maintaining consistent quality,” the report said.

The Santa Monica building is one of four headquarters in the County. There are other locations in Marina del Rey, Zuma Beach and Hermosa Beach.

The County employs about 120 full-time and 600 seasonal lifeguards who patrol 31 miles of beach and 70 miles of coastline.
The approximately $28 million contract with Los Angeles County includes $485,000 in in appropriated funds for capital improvements that will be used to pay for the upgrades.

Kate Cagle

Senior reporter for the Santa Monica Daily Press