By the time you read this, hopefully the horrific wildfires in Southern California will be under control, though it’s not promising until Saturday. Tuesday, at 5 A.M., I awoke amid so much smoke I panicked I’d left something on the stove.

(I once left eggs boiling and two hours later I heard gunshots that were actually exploding eggs.)

In the ghastly world of politics, on Thursday Al Franken announced his resignation from the Senate because of allegations of “sexual misconduct” from seven women.

He noted the irony that the current occupant of the White House has twenty women with allegations of his sexual behavior far worse.

Interestingly, Trump’s accusers described his lewd actions almost word for word to those he bragged about to Billy Bush on “Access Hollywood.” Now Trump is telling friends that it isn’t his voice on the tape.

(Can you say “delusional?”)

“When you’re a star, they let you,” Trump boasted to Busy.

“You can even grab them by their p***y!” And this is our POTUS? Lincoln, Ike and Reagan must be spinning in their graves.
I had a wacky idea, Franken would resign only if Trump would.

Now the big hope is Robert Mueller’s actions lead to Trump’s impeachment or resignation. The sooner the better.

Did you catch Trump’s bizarre sniffling and alarming word slurring Wednesday during his ill-fated Jerusalem speech? What the hell was that? “Snifflegate,” stroke or severe cotton mouth?

Joking aside, reversing seven decades of American foreign policy, in that speech Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, which is already causing an uprising. One website called it, “Trump’s Imperial Blunder.

” To think, Trump once boasted, “Middle east peace may not be as difficult as people think.”

Back home, next Tuesday, December 12th credibly accused child molester, Roy Moore, will likely be elected to the U.S.

Senate from Alabama. Once banned from a shopping mall for sexually harassing teenage girls, Moore will become a member of the exclusive upper chamber of government.

(One of Moore’s female defenders actually said, “What about all the girls Roy didn’t molest?” Good grief!)

Moore should have been sent to prison, definitely not the Senate.

Put another way, you’d think if you’re not allowed in your local shopping mall because you’re a perv, you might not be allowed in the U.S. Senate. Apparently, standards have lowered considerably. (Or maybe they’ve always been low and gone unreported?)

The GOP, the party of Lincoln, is now the party of “Look the other way, we need the vote.

” I’m referring to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who said emphatically he believed Roy Moore’s many accusers.

All were teenagers at the time of their alleged molestation with one girl being 14! In fact only weeks ago McConnell said of Moore, “He’s unfit to be in the Senate.” (Somehow he got fit fast.)

Standing up for traditional Republican family values, the RNC even cut off funding for the Moore campaign.

Then on Monday, they reversed their decision with an infusion of $1million. Instead of “He’s unfit to be in the Senate,”

McConnell now says, “Let’s let the people of Alabama decide.” That’s family values? Sounds like Manson family values.

Originally Trump said he found the many allegations against Moore “disturbing.

” Evidently not too disturbing, however, because he’s now all in, tweeting “Go get ’em Roy.” (Assuming he means the election and not young girls.) Trump emphasizes that Moore denies the allegations. Trump knows about denying, he’s been doing it his entire life.

Following Trump’s logic, which is never easy to do, apparently nine women, who don’t know each other and have nothing to gain and only pain to re-experience, have come forward to lie about Roy.

Maybe Trump identifies with Moore because he has twenty female accusers. (That we know about.)

Moore’s recent statement, “I’ve never even met any of these women” caused the latest accuser, who dated Moore when she was seventeen and he was thirty-four, to come forward. He evidently attended her high school graduation and gave her a touching card (pun intended).

The handwriting appears to match the handwriting of the year book owned by the woman who was fourteen. She the one where Moore allegedly stripped down to his underwear to fondle her.


Moore appears to be a proponent of “The Big Lie,” which originated in Germany with the Nazis. Essentially the theory is the bigger the lie and the more you repeat it, the more it will be believed.

During the height of the Moore molestation allegations, Ivanka Trump commented, “There’s a special place in hell for those who prey on children.” And yet her father says “Go get ’em, Roy.” Go figure.

If Moore does win and I see GOP after his name, for me the “P” will always stand for…well, you get the picture.
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proposed caption: Just some of Roy Moore’s accusers.