Last week Ron Schur, aka “Captain Ron,” owner of The Galley Restaurant on Main Street, staged his annual “1934 Night,” where menu items were the same price as in 1934 when The Galley first opened. For example, $0.85 for a steak dinner and $0.75 for salmon. (At those prices, I’d have ordered both!)

1934 Night is to reward loyal patrons for their business. So, if you want to attend next year’s event, you have eleven months and three weeks to cozy up to the outgoing Ron.

Ron is an avid fan of my column. And yet he can criticize it in such detail, I once responded, “You know, Ron, I think I prefer it when you don’t like my column.”

Fit and stylishly bald, Ron laments, “Larry David stole my life!” You see, for a restauranteur, Ron is very funny. For a comedian, not so much. (He has a great sense of humor, however, to put up with this!)

I mention Ron because last week was the 54th anniversary of the JFK assassination. Adamantly, Ron believes that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Adamantly, I disagree.

Meanwhile, on November 22 this year, Donald Trump (aka “the old lunatic” according to Kim Jung-un, and averaging four falsehoods a day, “Liar in Chief” according to me) failed to mention JFK on this solemn date. How could he, he only thinks about himself. That said, he did find the time to rant on Twitter about Lavar Ball. (Good grief!)

Trump was also busy golfing at Mar-a-Lago. Actually, in his first 315 days, he’s spent 100 of them at country clubs he owns. (Actually, the only way he could get into a prestigious club was to build his own. #Sad.)

And on Thanksgiving, Trump didn’t pass out food at a homeless shelter as Obama. Instead, he had a video chat with the troops during which, typically, he praised himself and knocked Obama with whom he’s disturbingly obsessed. #Pathetic.

But back to Oswald and his suspicious return to the U.S. Close friends of my parents went to the U.S.S.R. in 1959 and upon their return, were kept by federal authorities. (The wife was allowed to go home but the husband was kept overnight for interrogation.)

The husband’s business was the rather innocuous coin-operated laundry machines. Despite that, the feds wanted every detail of what he had witnessed inside Russia.

Illegally (or for the CIA) Oswald “defected” to Russia in 1959 and returned in 1962 at the height of the Cold War with a Russian wife no less and that didn’t raise a red flag? (Pun intended.)

All due respect to Captain Ron, but that there was evidently no record of Oswald’s de-briefing is inconceivable.(If Oswald had been in the coin-operated washing machine business he would have been grilled thoroughly?)

In the military, Oswald had been trained in radar at a secret naval base from which some U-2 flights had originated. Decorated Air Force Captain, Francis Gary Powers Sr., recruited by the CIA in these super secret U-2 high-altitude aerial reconnaissance spying missions over Russia. Powers was convinced Oswald gave the Russians intel that led to his being shot down on May 1, 1960.

Interestingly, the U-2 flights had revealed that the Russians didn’t have anywhere near the missiles they claimed. (Reminiscent of Saddam Hussein’s bogus WMDs claims, which we believed but was fabricated to intimidate his enemies.)

So, in the 1960 presidential debate with Nixon, when JFK talked about closing “the missile gap,” Nixon knew there wasn’t any gap. He was furious he couldn’t say so because it was top secret.

Because of the downing of the U-2, the upcoming peace summit with Khrushchev was postponed and never fully realized. Some questioned why the U-2 flights continued with an imminent summit. Then again, there’s no money in peace, so for many the increased Cold War tensions were good for business. (This may explain why Ike’s ominous “military industrial complex” reference in his radical farewell speech.)

I close today’s column with three nationwide opinion polls. In 2013, 62% of Americans did not believe the Warren Commission conclusion that Oswald killed JFK alone, whereas 29% did. (Including Captain Ron!)

Two, is a poll about Trump, before his obscene Native American racial slur while honoring… Native American war heroes! Unhinged, Trump has caused an international uproar as re-tweeted fascist and fake anti-Muslim videos. Additionally, he apparently claims the voice on the “Access Hollywood” tape was not his and he’s reviving his racist birther theory. (Time for the 25th Amendment?)

The poll by American Psychological Association revealed 59% of Americans consider the Trump era the worst and most stressful period in American history. (Including me as I wonder why it’s not 99%!)

The last poll is one I conducted which revealed 100% of those who attended last week’s “1934 Night” at The Galley … had a terrific time.


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