Can you see me now?

The daylight hours are getting shorter and now it is dark when we head out for evening trips.  Follow these tips to stay safe when traveling after dusk.
Slow down. If you’re driving, slow down to give yourself more time to respond to people.
See and be seen. Wear light colors or reflective clothing and accessories.  You can wear black on black all day, but throw on brighter colors when you head out at night.
Light your way. California requires people riding bicycles at night to have a white front light and a red rear reflector.

And while it’s not the law to carry a light with you when walking at night, a small light can come in handy when crossing the street or letting a bus driver know you want to hop on.
Check your route. Find routes that are well-lit and active.
Be alert. Look around and enjoy your surroundings instead of wearing headphones or using your phone.
Make eye contact.

Do not assume that drivers see you. Make eye contact with the driver to ensure she sees you before you make your move.
credit this picture from PWP