I just returned from a trip to Cuba, despite the recent warning to US citizens against travel there for safety reasons.

The recent unsubstantiated allegations of sonic attacks on American diplomats, and the latest travel restrictions announced by the Trump administration this week will further decrease US travel to the island.

This will hurt the very people we claim to support.

Our group of 40 had the opportunity to interact with a range of Cubans from all walks of life, from doctors and university professors to budding entrepreneurs.

Many of these people have poured their life savings into private restaurants and small hotels anticipating a boom in American tourism following normalization of relations with the US in 2015.

But now we heard about crushed hopes because of cancellations due to the latest safety scare. The newest travel ban will further this trend.

Americans should have no fears of travel to Cuba.

The people are wonderful, entrepreneurial and friendly.

The country is safe. Now is not the time to pull away.

Michele Modglin

Santa Monica