For fans of “Seinfeld” I’m reminded of the classic line Elaine delivered to Jerry.

“Whenever I think you’re the shallowest man I’ve ever met, you manage to drain a little more out of the pool.” Replace “shallow” with “despicable,” and that’s how I feel about Donald Trump.

If some say Trump is his own worst enemy, I say, “Not as long as I’m alive.” Conservative MSNBC TV host Joe Scarborough describes the Trump administration as “The Little Shop of Horrors.”

My only quibble is the word “little.”

The latest Trump controversy involves the ambush deaths of four Green Beret soldiers in Niger on October 4. Apparently White House staff prepared a letter of sympathy for the families but Trump refused to issue it.

Why? Did he view it as a “loss” and he hates losing? And why was one soldier’s body left behind for two days? Or maybe Trump was too busy tweeting about NFL players. During that time, he also managed to play 54 holes of golf.

Finally Trump phoned the Gold Star widow of Sgt. La David T. Johnson and even in that sacred tradition, was heartless.

He reportedly said to the grieving widow “He knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurts anyway.” Who would say such a thing? Then again, who would mock a disabled reporter?

Trump didn’t mention Sgt. Johnson’s first name but rather said to his widow “Your guy” as though he didn’t even know his name. (Honestly, can’t you just see Trump not bothering to know the name of the dead soldier?)

Like a petulant middle-schooler, Trump tweeted, “I have proof of what I said.” (Surprise, surprise, he hasn’t offered it.)

It’s as though emotionally he’s the same age as when he was shipped off to military school because he was incorrigible.

Meanwhile he still refers to the widow as “that woman.” Borrowing from Secretary of State Tillerson, moron, she has a name, it’s Myeshia.

Myeshia has two small children and is six months pregnant with another daughter, all of whom won’t have a father.

Please, as Commander in Chief, take a break from tweeting and stare at Myeshia’s photo, as she’s bent over the flag-draped coffin of her late husband, weeping.

It’s heartbreaking, assuming one has a heart. I’ve said it for over a year, Trump lacks basic human empathy as he’s evidenced over and over.

Thankfully, a lighter note. I was delighted to see a full page ad in the Washington Post last week, paid for by Larry Flynt, publisher of “Hustler Magazine” and fierce guardian of the 1st Amendment. (Trump has offered veiled threats to revoke NBC’s license.)

Flynt is offering $10,000,000 cash to anyone who can produce information about Trump that would lead to his impeachment. I only wish “lack of human empathy” could be an article of impeachment.

(Or being a bully, liar, narcissist, sociopath who grabs women’s crotches to which he infamously said, “They let you when you’re a star.”)

Trump’s record with Gold Star families is shameful. When the Khans criticized him, why did Trump need to attack back? He says it’s because he’s a fighter. I say it’s because he’s vengeful, has been his whole life and I view it as a mental disturbance and dangerous for the country.

Wouldn’t the compassionate thing have been to say, “The Khan family have suffered the ultimate loss. I won’t add to that suffering.” Nah, that sounds way too presidential.

Or how about his twisted statement from July, 2015, “John McCain is only a war hero because he was captured.

I prefer people who don’t get captured.” Trump refused to apologize and refused to apologize to Obama for five years of birther insanity.

And don’t forget the Central Park 5 case in New York City where Trump advocated for the death penalty. Years later, when the group was exonerated via DNA evidence and the real rapist confessed, Trump never apologized. He’s emotionally incapable.

Recently Senator John McCain received the distinguished Intrepid Freedom Award and gave a stirring speech. Though McCain is battling brain cancer, thin-skinned Trump responded on right-wing talk radio like a thug.

“I’ve been very, very nice,” Trump threatened, “but at some point I’m going to fight back and it won’t be pretty.” Respected Republican political adviser, Nicole Wallace, responded, “Nothing you do is pretty.”

Back to Seinfeld, the final episode featured Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer on trial for violating a “Good Samaritan” law in a progressive, small town in Massachusetts. The four witness a car jacking and don’t bother to help.

Convicted of essentially being shallow narcissists, in the last scene they’re wallowing in jail.

Hopefully, life will imitate art, someone provides Flynt with $10,000,000 worth of illegal dirt and Comrade Trump winds up behind bars. A guy can dream, can’t he?

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