From what she wrote, you would think that the City of Santa Monica actually enforces the no-smoking laws.

Yuri must have been some actor the city hired.

Anytime you are on the 3rd Street Promenade, you will see smokers on every block.

When you point out that smoking is prohibited, the smoker just gives you that supercilious grin and keeps right on smoking.

When I ask a police officer why he didn’t do anything, I’m told it is up to the officer’s discretion.

Discretion? To enforce the laws or not? What other laws get ignored by officers?

I’ve seen people smoking on the Santa Monica Pier.

I pointed to the smokers. The police officer gives you a supercilious grin.

I’ve seen a smoker set a fire on the pier.

Two officers came down the stairs with buckets of water; put out the fire, then just walk away. The smoker wasn’t cited, and, he was still smoking when the officers walked away!

Supposedly smoking is not allowed at bus stops.

If you are anywhere near the 3rd Street Promenade at a bus stop, there will be a smoker there.

Two City Managers ago, we were told the city didn’t enforce the no smoking law because there was not signage that said No Smoking. Duh? Put up signs. They were promised.

Where are they? I’ve seen a couple of bus stop signs that had tiny print that said No Smoking. Not all bus stops have them.
Why is this allowed? God forbid someone might offend a tourist smoker.

The city doesn’t want that. I understand that there are more urgent matters for police officers to handle. However, when they are just standing around and see smokers, why can’t they do anything?

I would love to attend the concerts on the pier, but I gave up. There were too many smokers. You can see clouds of smoke rising in the spot lights. Many police officers are standing around enjoying the show, but they won’t do anything even when you point out the smokers.

It took many decades to get no smoking laws on the books. What good are they if they are not enforced? The residents always seem to be the last consideration on the minds of City Hall and the police department.

Jeanne Laurie
Sunset Park