When I founded the Daily Press 16 years ago, my goal was to provide the city with a professional news source that would cover the city with fairness, integrity and honesty. My commitment to independent community journalism hasn’t wavered, however, the news industry writ large has undergone massive changes in the past 16 years and the Daily Press will continue to evolve with the times.

For a lot of reasons, that time might be now.

We’ve had some changes in the ownership structure of the corporation, some change in employees and our current staff are well versed in the needs of a changing news environment. At the same time, the company remains a strong organization. Print circulation is stable, web readership is increasing and demand for the subscription products is currently overwhelming our ability to deliver.

As it stands today, we’re in a position to shape our future, and plan to do so in a way that puts the Santa Monica community first.

Given the totality of the situation, I’m considering several options for the future of The Daily Press. Some of those options could include changes in ownership or the tax-status of the organization. Pursuing a non-profit model is a new trend for our industry, and it’s one that I think best fits my continued belief in the importance of locally produced, independent, professional news. While nothing is set in stone at this time, a group of local supporters has begun work on establishing a new foundation that, if successful, could become the new home of The Daily Press.

This is uncharted territory for us and we don’t know what the organization will look like five years from now. However, we know it can’t look the same as it does today. Whether the current efforts succeed or fail, the organization will continue to produce the best local news we can as long as it’s fiscally able to pay the print bill and readers can be assured the product you value will remain a community institution for some time. Most importantly, my commitment to independent journalism as a critical component of modern democracy remains strongly intact and will follow the Daily Press, no matter who is signing the checks.

We understand there will be questions and concerns about the future and we encourage anyone with questions to contact us directly at ross@www.smdp.com.