This week the Santa Monica – Malibu Unified Board of Education will meet on Wednesday to discuss the Santa Monica High School Campus Plan phase 1 and 2 regarding parking and budget.

During the last board meeting the BOE asked staff to return with more information regarding the proposed second basement level of parking below the new building on the Samohi campus.

On Wednesday staff will present the Board with an estimated number of spaces that would result from the additional level. The discussion will also include parking needs on campus, costs associated with off campus parking rental, design and construction costs of incorporation the additional parking in this phase, the possibility of charging for parking, and an update on the timing of the traffic demand management plan.

Before Measure BB, construction included 360 parking spaces, however in order for the school to operate efficiently the campus needs parking for 420 spaces. As of now there are currently 204 spaces available.

Faculty and administration would account for 160 spaces; school staff would take 110 spaces, and 70 spaces for the daily visitor. This consists of food services, operations, coaches, and more. The daily district staff would need 20 spaces, 5 spaces for van and vehicle parking and lastly 40 spots left for visitors.

The daily operational need is at 405 spaces, with the optimal daily need at 420. These numbers do not include event parking needs for when Samohi host shows, or sporting events.

By the completion of Phase 4 construction there will be an estimated 421 parking spaces.

Staff will also discuss the parking rental numbers and their plan. In 2018 the campus parking will be at 204 spaces, with 156 spaces needed. The cost will be at $160 per space, totaling at $274,560. In the second basement the campus parking is at 183 spots, and will need 177. The rate per space is at $160 totaling out to $311,520.

From the data shown, the prices per space will not decrease. In 2041 the data shows the campus will need 208 spaces costing $491 per space. In the second basement, the campus will need 88 spaces costing $491 as well.

The original project budget included $18.5 million of Certificates of Participation (COP) funding. However, on August 30th the BOE directed staff to proceed with design for additional work in the amount of $9.7 million, $13 million including soft costs.

COP would support $50 million and they would be structured to be repaid by developer funds at a rate of $4 million to $5.5 million a year. Developer fees are restricted to capital improvements. If and when another GO bond would be passed the district could pay off the COPs.

The BOE will meet on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. at SMMUSD 1651 16th St.