When the Santa Monica Planning returns to work Wednesday night, they will hear a new round of alcohol permit applications and a proposal for a new 12-unit building on Ocean Ave.

The alcohol applications cover two new restaurants and an existing performance space while the housing project seeks to redevelop a landmarked property.

The first alcohol application is the site of the former Hennessey + Ingalls bookstore at 214 Wilshire. The space is currently vacant and a previous alcohol license for the space has expired. A new application has been filed for a 9,513 square feet restaurant/liquor store (Wally’s Wine and Spirits) adjacent to the California Pizza Kitchen.

“The proposed floor plan contains approximately 9,513 square-feet (4,994 square feet of restaurant space and 4,519 square feet of retail area),” said the staff report. “Wally’s Wine and Spirits specializes in unique and high quality wines and spirits. They have recently expanded their operation to include a selection of food items. Their Beverly Hills location has further expanded to include on-site dining. Like their Beverly Hills location, the new operation on Wilshire will offer a full-service menu, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner items. The restaurant portion of the operation will total 4,994 square feet, with a patron area of 2,845 square feet. The patron seating will total 185, including 149 seats on the main floor and 36 seats in a private mezzanine dining/bar area.”

No outdoor seating area, dance or live entertainment areas are proposed for the restaurant. According to the report, the retail space/floor plan includes 4,519 square feet of wine, liquor and deli retail area located on the first floor. The mezzanine area will consist of 1,211 square feet with a 188 square foot bar, 445 square feet of private dining and 578 square feet of retail storage.

Staff are recommending approval of the license.

The second is for the sale of alcohol at the Broad Stage and adjacent facilities. The Stage is part of the Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center at 1310 11th Street. In addition to The Broad, the location houses the smaller Edye black box theater the East Wing Concert Hall and the Barret Art Gallery. The application is to allow beer and wine sales in conjunction with performances and events and in some cases in the outdoor spaces adjacent to the performance space.

Alcohol has already been available at the location through special daily licenses with no complaints and according to the application, a standing license would streamline operations. Staff are not making a yes or no recommendation on the application but they do conclude the proposed license would be consistent with the City’s zoning rules.

The third proposal is for a new brewpub/tasting room (The Dudes’ Taproom Brewing Company) on the third floor of the Santa Monica Place mall.

“The applicant requests approval of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to allow for the operation of a 175-seat (116 interior seats and 59 outdoor patio seats) beer sampling/tasting room offering on-site and off-site sale and consumption of craft beer,” said the report. “A Type 23 (Small Beer Manufacturer or Microbrewery) alcohol license is being requested. The use would operate in conjunction with a restaurant within an existing 3,794 square foot tenant space on the third floor of the Santa Monica Place mall formerly occupied by Pizza Antica.”

The beer would be brewed offsite (in Torrance) and transported to the restaurant in kegs.

Staff are recommending approval of the license.

The Commission will also hear an application to redevelop a landmarked property on Ocean Avenue.

“The project at 423-429 Ocean Avenue proposes new construction of a two- three- and four-story, 12-unit condominium development with three new buildings, a landscaped courtyard, and subterranean parking improvements built in approximately the same footprint as the three extant City Landmark designated residential structures on site,” said the staff report.

The developers are proposing to keep several of the sites “defining features” such as the courtyard, portions of the original buildings and specific architectural details.

Affordable housing requirements will be met by two on-site ownership units (two-bedroom) for moderate-income households and a fee for the remaining 0.4 fractional unit obligation.

Planning Commission meets on Wednesday, September 6 at 7 p.m. in City Hall, 1685 Main St.


Matthew Hall

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