Until a few weeks ago I would have guessed Anthony Scaramucci was a character on the “Sopranos.” But, despite no experience, came his surprising promotion to Trump’s Director of Communication. He delivered a bizarre 37-minute speech introducing himself to the White House Press Corps. Clearly “Mooch,” as he calls himself, likes the sound of his own voice. 

As he rambled, Mooch repeated a half-dozen times, “I love the president.” Have we ever had a Commander in Chief, so insecure that he craves hearing how people love him? Mooch told the press he was “going to let Trump be Trump.” (What had Trump been so far?)

As I write this, Trump’s record low poll numbers have plunged to 33% (With 61% disapproval!) Biased as some might find this, I suggest remembering a certain key moment in Trump’s descent. It was when John McCain, whom Trump infamously said was “No war hero,” dramatically turned his thumb down on the Senate’s repeal and replace of Obamacare vote. One day, it might be regarded as the very moment when Trump began his slide.

When Mooch ended his speech he blew a kiss to the Press Corps. (Can you say “weird?” Given his obvious narcissism, it struck me Mooch was Trump’s perfect little Mini Me. In fact, Google “Scaramucci and Trump identical hand gestures” and see for yourself.

Mooch’s immediate task was to bring down gangster style former Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, under the guise of getting rid of leakers. But often the reason people working for this White House leak is because they can no longer witness the incompetence or moral turpitude that are both wrong and dangerous.

An example in history is Mark Felt, “Deep Throat,” during Watergate. Felt was second in command at the FBI and, as a patriot, could not remain silent about Nixon’s abuses of power.Before it’s all over, Trump might make Nixon look like a choir boy.

But it would be Mooch’s infamous phone call to “New Yorker” writer and CNN contributor, Ryan Lizza, that would be his undoing. Mooch demanded the source to an innocuous tweet of Lizza’s. If he’d had any experience as a Communications Director, he’d have known that no writer worth his salt will give up his source. He should have also known that, unless he specified, the conversation was “off the record,” it was fair game. 

When Lizza still refused to divulge his source was, Mooch got vicious. “If you won’t tell me it was Priebus, fine, then I’ll fire them all and you won’t protect anyone!” Mooch sounded like a spoiled brat on the playground much like his now former boss often sounds. 

What followed from Mooch’s mouth was so vulgar, I’ll spare you. Suffice it to say, he attacked Priebus and Steve Bannon (no favorite of mine) in such a profane fashion that it reportedly deeply offended Melania and Ivanka.

Trump, however, apparently enjoyed it. He even faulted Priebus for not fighting back and called him “weak.” (Ironic since Trump is looking weaker by the day.) 

Thinking he was going to survive his unprofessional behavior, Mooch showed up at the White House on Monday when General Kelly was sworn in as Chief of Staff. Actually, you need a scorecard to follow all twelve of the firings and resignations, two a month in the Trump administration. We’ve gone from “no drama Obama”to Trump’s “Captain Chaos.”

Taking Mooch into a private room, Kelly informed him he was being canned and saw that he was personally escorted off the White House grounds. After only 10 days on the job (a record for Presidential Communications Director) Mooch was toast. Add to that, his wife of three years filed for divorce.

But don’t feel too sorry for Mooch. He’s reportedly worth $100 million, though the soon to be ex will likely get a hefty chunk plus child support and Mooch has two other kids with another ex. 

Like horror movies, the monsters in the Trump administration keep coming back to life. (Can you say “Corey Lewandowski?”) Apparently, the only way to permanently get rid of them is with a stake to the heart. 

For six months now there’s been a steady stream of lies coming from the White House. It began on Inauguration Day with bogus attendance numbers belied by photos showing the truth. Presidential historian Michael Beschloss was asked if the truth has ever been so lightly observed in any previous administration. “Probably not,” was Beschloss’ frank answer. 

Meanwhile the ever-narcissistic Mooch has told friends he fully expects to get his old job back at the Export-Import Bank. Today, as a matter of fact, he is reportedly staging “an online event” outlining a memo to reclaim Trump’s popularity. Can anyone lend me a stake? 

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