On July 19, 2017, at about 12:46 p.m.,

Santa Monica patrol officers responded to a radio call of a fare dispute on a Big Blue Bus. The reporting party, the bus driver, told officers that while he was driving his route southbound on 4th Street, he stopped to pick up a passenger at Pico Boulevard. The individual boarded the bus and he attempted to pay his fare with a Metro Bus token. When the driver told the man the token would not work and that he had to pay the $1.25 fare in cash, the individual became angry and told the driver, “I ain’t paying. Call the police.” The driver did not want to hold up the other passengers on the bus, so he kept driving his route and the individual remained on the bus. At the next stop, the driver pulled up behind another Big Blue Bus that was on the same route. The driver started moving his four passengers to the second bus, and told the other driver not to let individual aboard. The man heard the bus driver say this and became angry, throwing an open can of Arizona Green Tea at the driver, missing him and hitting the right side front window of the bus. The contents of the can splattered on the front window and some of the beverage landed on the driver’s shirt. Responding officers took the individual into custody after a brief struggle and transported him to the Santa Monica jail.

Marlon Humberto Siguenza, 26, homeless was arrested for assault, fare evasion and resisting arrest. Bail was set at $30,000.

Crime Watch is culled from reports provided by the Santa Monica Police Department. These are arrests only. All parties are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.