I have been witness to countless cars blowing through a 4-way-stop near my home. I have seen pedestrians, bicyclists, and kids escape harm by millimeters. I have written the City of Santa Monica twice regarding flagrant traffic violations I have observed near my home on the corner of 2nd and Idaho and received feedback stating that there really isn’t any traffic enforcement available to protect pedestrians, elders, bicyclists, and children. They can’t post signage or lights. They cannot provide increased traffic patrol.

At what point will the city of Santa Monica value the lives of their citizens and visitors to the degree needed to protect lives?

Today I witnessed a significant traffic accident which occurred outside my apartment located on the corner of 2nd and Idaho. Again, a motorist in a nice Mustang blasted through the intersection without heeding the stop signs (4 way stop), went airborne, and plowed into four parked cars. Nice cars. Cars owned by people who work locally. Cars owned by residents of the retirement home. Cars owned by tourists visiting the beach. All who provide money that support the city of Santa Monica. I called 911, grabbed a towel, and ran outside to render assistance to the two occupants of the vehicle that caused the accident. Indeed, they were injured. But luckily, no one else. And this is where I say ENOUGH.

Had there been individuals in the crosswalk or bicyclists, or kids, or the elderly crossing the street; they would have been hit. Injured. Killed.


Drivers routinely do not stop at stop signs.


Drivers run through 4 way stop signs.


Drivers texting and not observant.


Impaired drivers.


I challenge the city of Santa Monica to enforce common sense traffic laws. I am not the one to come up with the ultimate solution, but I can offer suggestions such as flashing lights at 4 way stops or increased traffic patrol. I am personally willing to assist in any way. I am at the point where I want to sit on my balcony and wave my arms to alert pedestrians that there is a car speeding their way. Sounds crazy? Maybe. But could it save a life? Perhaps.

I am willing to be a committee participant to problem solve and/or help raise funds. There may be very easy fixes such as making sure all intersections have 4-way stop signs and especially hazardous intersections have some type of lighting.

I’m a registered nurse and believe that education is key to alleviating community health problems. Disregard for traffic laws, distracted driving, impaired driving are community health problems.

We can fix this. But it will take work.

I do not believe that the city of Santa Monica wants to have a high pedestrian fatality statistic to be what they are known for.

I do not think that Santa Monica wants to have poor ratings for traffic safety.

The time to address this fixable problem is now.

Enough already.


Sue Brint is a Santa Monica resident