Santa Monica resident Lisa Gizara



Santa Monica resident Lisa Gizara is showing her latest collection ‘Ocean Park’ this month and the art work is inspired by the place she has called home for more than a decade.

“I have always been creative and happy and grounded when living by bodies of water,” said Gizara.

Gizara has lived in Ocean Park for the last 11 years and can’t picture herself living anywhere else.

The Santa Monica artist will show her pieces from her Ocean Park series from July 15 through September 13 and is entitled Spontaneous Chaos. The series was inspired by the sea, the salt air and the blue skies, and will be featured at the C Gallery.

“It consist of a series of black and white paintings filled with swirling energy, a direct result of living close to the ocean,” said Gizara.

Gizara explains she always felt grounded and happy when living next to bodies of water, making Santa Monica the perfect location for her.

The C Gallery is not the only location her art is being featured. She has a photography show at the SFO Museums and will be having a photography show on July 15 at Bergamot Station at the DNJ Gallery.

At the DNJ Gallery she will show a series of black and white infrared photographs entitled “The Others”.

“I called them this simply because these photographs do not fit into my other themes of my art portfolios. One of the images called ‘Sunflower Summer’ was chosen by the Griffin Museum’s Paula Tongarelli for the LACP 4th Annual Membership show at the DNJ gallery opening this Saturday the 15th,” said Gizara.

Gizara considers herself a rare breed when it comes to different types of artists.

“I seem to have two parts of a creative brain – the logical linear side that lends itself towards photography,” said Gizara. “A passionate unpredictable side that urges me on the path of abstract painting.”

She explains it is a rare combination for an artist to continuously practice both painting and photography.

Gizara reached a career highlight in 2012, when hit show Mad Men set director purchased multiple of Gizara’s paintings for the series. Since then her paintings have appeared on Ray Donovan, House, Castle, Modern Family and Californication.

Now Gizara is in the process of working with interior designers and private collectors throughout the U.S. and hopes to expand her exhibitions to Europe.

When viewing Gizara’s work she hopes people get a sense of peace and a subliminal connection to nature.

The public is invited the C Gallery, 466 Bell Street, Los Alamos on Saturday, July 15 at 6 p.m.

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