I was hoping to not write about president Trump again, or as I call him “Electoral College President.” Of late, I’ve encountered a bit of hostility from his supporters here in Santa Monica. Of course Trump infamously said of his supporters, “I could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and I wouldn’t lose any votes.” Is he saying they love him so much or they’re mindless? Or both?

On Main Street I was told I should be in jail for what I’ve written about Trump. The reader’s anger with me obliterated any respect he had for the 1st Amendment, assuming he ever did.

More recently, another unhappy (and very drunk) camper left nine voice mails at the Daily Press office expressing disdain for me and anti-Semitism in general. (Though I have a feeling he might give Ivanka a pass.) I recently received an email from an avid Trumpster who said I should go back to being funny. (Ouch!)

Then again, she inexplicably added, “Obama didn’t visit his grandmother for six years until she was dying.” Huh? Trump divulged classified info to the Russians and only 144 days into his presidency is under criminal investigation, but Obama neglected his grandmother? I couldn’t make this stuff up, folks.

I plan to return to hopefully humorous observations about life in our fair and sometimes not so fair city. But it seems just as I sit at the keyboard, Trump does something rude, hateful or just plain weird that I feel compelled to comment on. This week it was just plain weird.

I’m referring to Trump’s very first cabinet meeting that took place on Monday. It was so disturbing I can’t get it out of my mind. As if choreographed, one by one, cabinet members lavished praise on Trump, almost mindlessly. It reminded me of the spooky-like devotion North Korea’s ruthless dictator Kim Jung-un, referred to as “Dear Leader,” demands from his subordinates. (Trump calls Jung-un who murders relatives, “One smart cookie.”)

To call the event awkward is an understatement. It was painfully embarrassing to watch and went on for possibly 15 minutes with each cabinet member outdoing the other in his gush-fest. I could maybe understand it if the recipient were a spoiled 11-year-old at his birthday party but Trump’s recent birthday was #71. Meanwhile, as the platitude parade continued Trump nodded as if to say, “How true, aren’t I just great?.” Vice-President Pence said working shoulder to shoulder with Trump was “the greatest honor of my life.” Reince Preibus said, “I’m blessed to be able to help accomplish your agenda.” I hate to change the channel. It was either that or throw up.

What is wrong with Trump that he craves such over-the-top adulation and demands undying loyalty like Little Kim? And why does he admire dictators so much? In addition to Little Kim, he has complimented Sadaam, Kadaffi, Duerte, Mussolini and yet he cavalierly trashes allies who have stood by us for decades. Seventeen American intelligence agencies say without doubt that Russia meddled in our election and hacked us almost like an act of war. And they’ll do it again. And yet Trump says it could be “a 400 pound kid in his mother’s basement.” Good grief. We absolutely have to see Trump’s tax returns and, as Deep Throat said in the Watergate scandal, “Follow the money.”

And now we had the shocking attack on Republican Congressmen practicing baseball preparing for their annual game against the Dems. If Congressional Whip Steve Salise, who’s in critical condition as I write this had not been there (along with his two capital police officers) it would have resulted in another mass murder in America, one that would haunt us for decades. It’s horrific enough as it is. Trump asked the country for “unity,” and that’s a great idea.

Tump could begin by apologizing for: mocking a disabled reporter; calling a Federal Judge born in Indiana a “Mexican;” encouraging violence at campaign rallies (“Smash the hell out of them, I’ll pay your legal expenses;” fat-shaming a 19-year-old Miss Universe (he should talk) and calling her “Miss Housekeeper” because she’s a Latina; attacking a Gold Star family who happen to be Muslim; (Trump was a draft dodger.) and calling former FBI Director Comey a “nut job” to the Russians before giving them vital classified secrets which seems like treason to me.

Trump now has 60% disapproval ratings. While Obama, Clinton and Regan never had such horrible numbers, it took George W. Bush 1,758 days and his father 1,290 days. Trump did it in 143 days. He’s #1. With 34% approval ratings, Trump suddenly wants unity. As Ricky used to say to Lucy, “You’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do.” Only playing the part of Ricky is Special Counsel Bob Mueler. Good luck Donald, you’re gonna need it.


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