Tallula’s joins Rustic Canyon Family - Santa Monica Canyons



Cruise down Pacific Coast Highway and turn onto Entrada Drive, there you will find the newest member of the Rustic Canyon Family, otherwise known as Tallula’s.

Josh Loeb, a Santa Monica native is now the founder and partner of Rustic Canyon and the family of seven restaurants.

The first restaurant and namesake of the company, Rustic Canyon was a vision he had for many years. It opened in 2006 and eleven years later, he and his partner and wide Zoe Nathan have expanded the businesses to include Rustic Canyon, Huckleberry, Milo &Olive, Sweet Rose Creamery, Cassia, Esters Wine Shop & Bar, and now Tallula’s.

Tallula’s is a Mexican restaurant offering locally sourced and organic ingredients in each dish. Tallula’s took over from the former Marix and has made the restaurant a colorful, vintage looking space, with a separate bar and patio seating for everyone to join in on an authentic Mexican meal.

“Zoe and I grew up around this area and we always enjoyed going to Marix,” said Loeb. “We have always wanted to do something with this location and we loved the idea of doing Mexican food. It is something we don’t have in our group but it’s a food group we really love and enjoy.”

The restaurant is set to open on Tuesday, May 9 under partners Loeb, Nathan, Chef Jeremy Fox, Colby Goff, and the kitchen will be run by Executive Chef Mario Alberto.

Tallula’s, named after their daughter is meant to be a neighborhood spot. They said the restaurant is meant to be a place where the locals go to grab a margarita, or chips and guacamole and then head to the beach after.

Loeb expresses the number one goal is to really lock in with the community and give the neighborhood a place where they can get fresh and delicious Mexican food.

Partner and Chef, Jeremy Fox will oversee the culinary side. Fox is an award-winning chef and has been working with Loeb for five years. He is involved with Rustic Canyon and Esters and recently published his latest vegetarian cook book, On Vegetables, will be sold at Tallula’s.

Along with Chef Fox, Executive Chef Mario Alberto will also be overseeing the kitchen, and will be preparing the dishes.

“When it comes to food, our commitment to ingredients is what makes us unique. The ingredients are fresh, organic and sustainably sourced, and with Mario running the kitchen we feel confident,” said Loeb. “He is a good fit, and we can really see his passion for food.”

The restaurant takes pride in offering a true Mexican home cooking in Santa Monica, where they will feature both traditional dishes along with light and creative re-imaged meals.

The ingredients used are sourced from the Santa Monica farmers market and will feature freshly made tortillas and chili pastes.

Some suggested dishes by Chef Fox is the Half Roast Organic Chicken with mole casero, with local fresh vegetables and herbs. Also the Grilled Market Fish tacos with Mexican sauerkraut, malt aioli, and epazote on housemade blue corn tortillas.

As the seventh restaurant opens their doors, it puts more on Loeb and Nathan’s plate. However he makes it very clear they are never driven by money. “We want to make sure each one of our restaurants provides something for the community and is a place for neighborhood to get together.”

Tallula’s will open at 4 p.m. and will be taking reservations as well as walk ins. Call (310) 526-0027 for more information.

Tallula’s is located at 118 Entrada Dr., Santa Monica Canyon.