After a year of complete renovation, the new and improved Gallery Food Hall is opening its doors with two new businesses, Sloan’s Ice Cream and Every Table.


The Gallery Food Hall, built in 1991, is located on the 3rd St Promenade and now looks like a state of the art food hall. The hall features stunning designs, a mix of indoor and outdoor seating on two levels, and an outdoor deck overlooking the Promenade. Lately the hall has been somewhat of a ghost town, due to the lack of renters.


Scott Schonfeld, Principal at Linwood Ventures, has been very selective when it comes to tenants. “I want to ensure there is an exciting mix of new businesses to serve the Santa Monica community,” Schonfeld said.


He did just that.


First up, Sloan’s Ice Cream. As you walk through the doors of the Gallery you will smell the sweet, natural sugar that surrounds you and see the oversized jeweled chandelier and decorations.


Sloan’s Ice Cream, originally started in Florida, and has made the journey to California.


“Being on 3rd St Promenade is tremendous for the visibility of the brand,” Director of Franchising, David Wild said. “People love to come to the store because it has a mix of a wonderland theme. We like to say it is for the young and the young at heart.”


The wonderland ice cream parlor is expected to open their doors in the beginning of June, and will be on the first floor. They offer some of the best shakes, smoothies, and ice cream sodas.


“We manufacture all of our products,” Wild said. “We don’t use any sort of artificial coloring, for example our pistachio ice cream isn’t green because we use real pistachios and don’t use coloring.”


The shop will feature some fan favorites like cookies, brownies, selection of candy and candy apples. On the ice cream side they have multiple flavors, from almond joy, banana, carrot cake, chocolate Oreo cheesecake, mint chocolate chip, snickers, and tiramisu to name a few.


However, Sloan’s won’t be alone in the Gallery Food Hall. Everytable will be setting up on the street level in front of the escalators, and will be opening their doors in the middle of May.


Everytable is known for their good food and their social mission, to serve everyone healthy, and nutritious food.


The restaurant is implementing a pricing system, where every store is meant to be profitable in different areas. Everytable CEO and Co-Founder Sam Polk explains the Everytable in South LA provides the same food but is sold at $4 – $5 while the store in Santa Monica will price their meals at $8 – $9. Everytable determines the pricing for each location on the city’s average income.


“We believe healthy food should be a human right for everyone,” Polk said.


Polk is more than excited to be located on the Promenade as it brings locals and tourist together.


“The best part about Everytable is that it is incredibly healthy and delicious, a meal that you can grab and go and help others who might be less fortunate have a nutritious meal like you,” Polk said.