Social Bluebook



Retired Santa Monica Police Officer, Steve Heineman is following his entrepreneurial roots with a new startup social media company.

Heineman worked with the Santa Monica Police Department for nearly 25 years, and retired in 2013.

“I had a full and great career at SMPD, and I am very thankful for what the City has done for me,” said Heineman.

After retiring he spent much of his time with his family and began to notice how often his kids and their friends were using social media. Heineman decided it was not time to completely retire; after all he was only 54 and capable to doing much more.

Heineman took the road to being an entrepreneur and investor. In 2014 he had the financial means to invest and become part of the new social media technology company, Social Bluebook (SBB).

The company devoted to helping social media creators gain exposure while building their business, as well as increasing their brand value.

“Social Bluebook allows the social content creator to have access to brands to make deals that are equitable to both parties,” said Heineman. “The marketplace within the company really empowers the creative content creators to connect with advertisers who are looking to do branded content on their social media channels.”

Chad Sahley founded the company in 2014 in partnership with Sam Michie and with the financial assistance from Steve Heineman.

As of June 2016, SBB had over 33,000 social media platforms with an audience reach of over 2.87 billion people. Over 400 brands have registered with SBB and the company is continuing to grow.

As the company continues to see growth they have decided to announce a Regulation A+ initial public offering. The offering is open to both accredited and unaccredited investors. Heineman explains that investing in SBB is an investment in the creator content community, along with the future of creator led marketing.

The Regulation A+ offering is intended to open the door for creators to invest in their own careers. Ultimately allowing any investor the opportunity to invest in the company’s vision of bringing clarity to the online marketplace.

Heineman explains that SBB is a unique company and is only moving forward. They were the first to announce they have patent pending valuations formulas for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and various blogs.

In a recent press release the company states they have high hopes in raising $12 million in its mini IPO under Regulation A+.

SBB is taking advantage of new SEC regulations and opening up the door to the crowd in an effort to level the playing field for creators.

SBB funding will accelerate their expansion. If interested in investing, the price per share is at $3.0029 and the company can guarantee that the Regulation A+ round will be open until it sells out, or for 12 months, which ever comes first.

“The social media thing did intimidate me but I saw my kids interacting with it and realized traditional media is changing and I am learning to speak their language” said Heineman. “I can appreciate change, and at the end of the day Social Bluebook is providing an opportunity for content creators and is the future of media.”

For more information visit, or you can join Social Bluebook at A&R Bar in Santa Monica on Friday, April 21 from 6 – 10 p.m. They will be celebrating as they kick open the doors for their Reg. A+ investment opportunity.